Giving to RMIT Vietnam

Giving to RMIT Vietnam

"Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime." Anonymous

The gift of education lasts a lifetime, and there are many different ways to give that gift to the current and future students of RMIT Vietnam.  RMIT Vietnam’s mission is to bring knowledge within reach, to transform the futures of individuals, cities, industries and nations, and to contribute to the development of Vietnam by unlocking human potential through the high quality of our education and research. 

If that’s a mission you support, there are many ways you could get involved:

Give your time

  • Volunteer to be a guest lecturer in your area of expertise
  • Sit on a panel for Open Day or other promotional events to share your experiences with RMIT Vietnam
  • Offer to be an industry mentor for students
  • Take up a position on one of our industry liaison groups
  • Support community-related activities that engage our students
  • Provide internship opportunities for our students

To illustrate: staff members from a range of departments at international IT firm TRG International spend time giving guest lectures and speaking as members of panels, mentoring interns and participating in events at RMIT Vietnam every year.  Could your staff members give their time?

Give resources

  • What products or services does your company specialise in? Could they be used in an educational context?
  • Donate books or set up a library fund
  • Donate computers or online resources
  • Keep our campus green – donate trees or landscaping features

To illustrate: Vietnam Airlines gives air tickets each year that can be used for a variety of purposes, from prizes in student competitions, to helping students conduct projects in other cities and countries.  What could your company contribute?

Give a monetary donation

  • Leave a bequest in your will
  • Donate funds for building development
  • Sponsor student or university events
  • Donate funds to create scholarships for students across a range of areas or for a range of reasons

To illustrate: Successful US businessman Chuck Feeney provided RMIT Vietnam with a monetary gift that helped us to create a purpose-built, international standard campus in Ho Chi Minh City. His inspiring gift has changed thousands of young Vietnamese lives and helped change the face of Vietnam's labour force.  Could you?

If you could, please contact us at Your gift WILL make a difference.