Giving to RMIT Vietnam

Giving to RMIT Vietnam

The gift of education lasts a lifetime, and there are many different ways to give that gift to students of RMIT Vietnam.  RMIT Vietnam’s mission to create life-changing experiences for students, and to support transformational social and economic change in the wider community.

If that’s a mission you support, there are many ways you could get involved:

Give your time

  • Volunteer to be a guest lecturer in your area of expertise
  • Sit on a panel share your experiences with current and future students
  • Offer to become an industry mentor for students
  • Take up a position on one of our industry liaison groups
  • Support community-related activities that engage our students
  • Provide internship and placement opportunities for our students

Give resources

  • What products or services does your company specialise in? Could they be used in an educational context?
  • Donate books or set up a library fund
  • Donate computers or online resources
  • Keep our campus green – donate trees or landscaping features

Give a monetary donation

  • Leave a bequest in your will
  • Donate funds for building development
  • Sponsor student or university events
  • Donate funds to create scholarships for students across a range of areas or for a range of reasons

If you are an RMIT Vietnam alumnus, join our Pay It Forward fund.

For more information, please contact us at Your gift will make a difference.