Alumni benefits

Opening doors to the world

Being an RMIT alumnus provides lifelong benefits that go beyond our impressive global alumni networks. Get your RMIT alumni card today to enjoy these benefits.

To bring you a more secure, sustainable, hygienic, and connected campus, RMIT Vietnam Alumni is glad to introduce the alumni e-card, which is an exclusive QR code for alumni to access campuses and use REC and library services.

To create your own alumni e-card, you need to follow a 2-step process: ·

  • Step 1: Create an Alumni network account. Find the tutorial video here
  • Step 2: Create an alumni e-card. Find the tutorial video here

Advantages of the alumni e-card:

  • Secure: Each alumnus will have a unique QR code with their pictures on it. Unless you share it with others, no one could use your alumni identity to access the campus
  • Sustainable: No plastic card will be issued and discarded in the environment
  • Hygienic: The process of creating e-cards and security checks at the campus entrance will be contactless
  • Connected: The physical card requires from 4 – 8 weeks to be printed and home-delivered. With an e-card, you can have it available within 2 working days

Should you have any inquiries, please kindly visit our FAQs page.

Important note:

Please kindly note that only alumni with valid alumni cards, and guests with appointments can access the campuses. If alumni violate this policy by bringing or/and supporting outsiders to enter the campuses, your own access may be banned for a year. 

The alumni e-card officially replaces the physical card to grant alumni campus access from 1 Feb 2023 

To bring you a more secure, sustainable, hygienic, and connected campus, RMIT Vietnam Alumni is glad to introduce the alumni e-card, which will officially replace the physical card from 1 Feb 2023. During the transition months, you can use both alumni e-card and physical card to access the campuses. 

We no longer issue or renew the physical card from 10 October 2022. For all alumni who have requested an alumni card before 10 October 2022, we will contact you via email once the card is available. For alumni with the physical card, you can still access the campus with physical card until 31 Jan 2023. However, no new physical card will be issued from 10 October 2022.

Alumni with alumni physical card

  • Step 1 - Present valid card: Alumni need to present 02 types of cards, which are 1 alumni card + 1 national ID card(CCCD/CMND)
  • Step 2 - Information Logging: Security guard will log Alumni's information into Visitor Registration Form 
  • Step 3 - On campus requirement: Alumni need to wear Alumni card with lanyard in visible position for identification purpose

Alumni with alumni e-card

  • Step 1 - Create an account on Alumni Network: Alumni need to create an Alumni Network account before they come to the campus. The tutorial is here
  • Step 2 - Create an alumni e-card: Alumni need to create an alumni e-card before they come to the campus. The tutorial is here
  • Step 3 - Present their alumni e-card (QR code) to the security check
  • Scholarship of 10% tuition fee for postgrad programs at RMIT University in both Vietnam and Australia
  • Library services: free membership, free one-way book delivery service and access to Open Education Resources
  • RMIT Wellbeing service is open to support our alumni for up to 02 semesters after completing their program. The support will be a one-off short session via phone call (15 to 20 minutes) and is considered a triage session to provide guidance catering to students' needs. For more details, please email or contact (028) 3622 4432 during 9am - 5pm
  • Recreation and Events Complex (REC) services for alumni: 
    • For SGS campus, refer here for the membership guideline
    • On the Hanoi campus, indoor REC facilities on campus are not available for alumni currently. Outdoor sports venues, including the football pitch and basketball court, are available upon request and usage fees may apply. For more details, please contact Hanoi REC team via fanpage or email
  • Career counselling, CV writing and interview consultation (up until 2 years after graduation)
  • Find a career mentor from Mentoring program
  • Get updated on job opportunities 
  • Join Activator – specialised programs for entrepreneurs at all stages
  • Attend special events, personal and professional development workshops