RMIT offers international-standard student accommodation on our Saigon South campus.

The Residential Centre has single studio apartments, and multi-share accommodation in three and five bedroom apartments. All apartments are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Bedrooms come with an in-room safety deposit box, wireless connectivity, and a locally based printer. The accommodation is managed by our professionally trained, friendly residential management team, who are on site 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Our students share quiet reading and study spaces within the building, provided for the exclusive use of residents. There are kitchens on every level so you can cook your own meals, or alternatively enjoy dining with your friends at the varied food outlets on campus.

Over 100 students call RMIT home.

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New policy on residential centre in Saigon South

From Semester 2 2020 onwards, students can stay in residence on campus for no more than 3 consecutive semesters (counted from the nearest commencement date). Your stay will be reviewed after your second semester to determine if you can stay for the third semester.

This provides important support at a time when students are familiarising themselves with our campus and with life in Ho Chi Minh City. At the end of three semesters (or sooner), students will be expected to move offsite to local accommodation to make room for the next group of incoming students. 

To apply for student accommodation, you must complete an application form and a quick quiz to show us you have familiarised yourself with the Residents' Handbook which contains important information about the terms and conditions of staying at RMIT accommodation. 

Accommodation is available at the below dates: 

  • Semester 1 2023: 14 February - 30 May 
  • Semester 2 2023: 13 June - 26 September 
  • Semester 3 2023: 10 October - 23 January

For further information, please contact: 

  • The Residential Centre - Building 9 – RMIT University Vietnam - South Saigon Campus 
  • Phone: (+84) 28 3776 1359 - Email:

Overview of accommodation at RMIT

University staff is available at reception, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week to assist and care for occupants. Accommodation Officers are available from 7am – 10pm daily and security officers from 10pm – 7am daily.  

Senior residents provide leadership and mentorship to registered occupants of the Residential Centre. Each senior resident has been selected on the basis that they passionately committed to developing and fostering a strong residential community, have proven leadership skills and an interest in people. The roles and responsibilities of senior residents are:

  • Connect with and support every registered occupant on their allocated floor.
  • Promote a sense of collegiality, a sense of family on their allocated floor by organising activities, bringing new students and supporting them through the period of transition. Develop events and activities to deliver on this responsibility.
  • Encourage students on their floor to participate in social activity programs conducted within the facility on a regular basis.
  • Monitor the emotional well being of all residents on their allocated floor, elevating any issues of concern to the management team.
  • Monitor the behaviour and condition of their allocated accommodation floor, addressing any issues of non compliance and calling for the assistance of the management team as required.
  • Assume the role of floor warden in the event of a fire, emergency evacuation or critical incident.
  • Meet with the management team on a regular basis to share ideas and information.

Students can connect to the University wireless internet network from their bedrooms and are required to abide by the conditions of the University IT Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines. In addition to the wireless internet connection the Residential Centre provides occupants with the convenience of a wireless connection to a printer located in the printing lab on the level one. Standard usage and printing costs apply.

Reading rooms are provided on every accommodation level and situated outside the lift lobby and next to the kitchens. The reading room offers registered occupants an area to gather with other registered occupants of the same floor to talk, read and study.

Kitchens are provided on every accommodation level for the exclusive use of students allocated to that floor. Each kitchen comes equipped with a four burner electric stove top, refrigerator, with freezer unit, a rice cooker, kettle and microwave oven.

Students are invited to purchase their own crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils. These items and dry food stock can be locked away in the lockers provided in each kitchen. Perishable food items should be labelled and safely and hygienically stored in the refrigerator unit supplied.

A dining table and chairs is also provided in each kitchen to provide students with a comfortable place to eat and drink in the company of other residents on your accommodation floor as an alternative to dining in your apartment.

The printing lab is situated on level one opposite reception and is provided for the exclusive use of residents. The lab provides access to the following facilities:

  • Computers with internet access.
  • Printer without scanner (wireless network connection)

The recreation room is provided for the peaceful comfort and recreation of registered occupants, and visitors of the Residential Centre. The recreation room offers:

  • Lounge settings, including coffee tables.
  • Pool table.
  • Board games and chess board.
  • Air hockey table
  • Foosball table 
  • Internet TV 

The recreation room is the allocated visitor’s space. Residents are required to register visitors at the reception desk and are permitted to entertain them in the recreation room.

The laundry room provides free washing, drying and ironing facilities for the exclusive use of residents. As an environmentally friendly alternative to drying clothes in the laundry room students also have the option of drying clothes on the outdoor clotheslines provided in the external courtyard.    

Rooms and fees

Accommodation Type

Max No. Of Occupants


Single Apartment 1 Single bed in “studio style” apartment with bathroom. Combined sleeping and living area.
Twin Bed Apartment 2 Single bed, sharing a “studio style” apartment, including a bathroom with one other student. Combined sleeping and living area.
Three-Bedroom Apartment 3 Private bedroom, with a single bed, in three-bedroom apartment sharing a living room and one bathroom with two other students.
Five Bedroom Apartment 5 Private bedroom, with a single bed, in five-bedroom apartment sharing a living room, dining room and two bathrooms with four other students.

Apartment Type

Fee (VND) per student  One Semester Term (15 weeks)

Fee (VND) per student/4 weeks

Single Unit



Twin Bed Unit



Three Bed Unit



Five Bed Unit




  • The cost of utilities including electricity and water.
  • Fully furnished apartment.
  • Weekly service including a linen change (sheet and pillow case).
  • In room wireless internet connection to the University intranet.
  • Wireless connectivity to printing facilities in the Printing Lab on level one.
  • Fully maintained telephone in every apartment for incoming and internal calls only.
  • Fully air-conditioned.
  • In room safety box.

Services and Facilities:

  • On site University management presence 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Reading rooms and food preparation kitchens, with refrigerator, freezer, and microwave oven, electric cook top and rice cooker on every floor.
  • Printing station
  • Recreation room with television, access to board games, a pool table, air hockey table and foosball
  • External courtyard with outdoor seating and BBQ.
  • Laundry room with washing machine, dryers, ironing board and iron
  • Access to all the services and facilities available to students on the broader University campus, e.g. Food court, sports centre and playing fields.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Fees represent a cost per student per bedroom in the nominated apartment type.
  • Fees apply to all accommodation places for a semester term confirmed (with the payment of a security deposit and administration fee) between the published start date and end date of each semester intake, regardless of the arrival date.
  • Available to both Higher Education and English Language students.
  • Fees represent a cost inclusive of 10% VAT.
  • All students are required to pay their full accommodation (with the payment of a security deposit and administration fee) in advance.

Security Deposit (Refundable)

The security deposit of 4,875,000 VND is payable when accepting the accommodation offer and held by the University as security over the full term of the tenancy agreement. Upon the successful completion of the full term of residence, the security deposit will be refunded less any charges for cleaning or maintenance identified at the departure inspection.

The security deposit will not be refunded if any of the terms and conditions outlined in the tenancy agreement is not fulfilled by the student whilst in residence or in the event of an early departure or a confirmed booking being is cancelled prior to arrival.

Administration Fee (Non Refundable)

The administration fee of 300,000 VND is payable when accepting the accommodation offer and is a non refundable fee charged by the University.

Key dates


Start date /


End Date /


Semester One  14 February  30 May 
Semester Two  13 June  26 September 
Semester Three  10 October  23 January

Each semester lasts 15 weeks, which is the length of your term of stay for that semester.

How to accept an offer

From the date students receive their offer letter, they have five days to pay and show their receipts in order to accept the offer. Full details are located the "Apply to live on campus" section below. 

Rules of conduct

Members of the opposite gender are not permitted on any accommodation levels other those levels allocated to that particular gender.

Students are encouraged to meet friends of the opposite gender in the common spaces provided on level one of the Residential Centre, including the study rooms, recreation room and the external courtyard, or alternatively other recreational space provided on campus.

Only registered occupants of an accommodation level are permitted to gather on that particular floor. Residents from other accommodation floors are not permitted on accommodation floors above or below their own. All residents of the Residential Centre are encouraged to gather in the recreation room on level one.

Students are not permitted to consume alcohol within apartments or common areas of the Residential Centre, including kitchens, the recreation room and external courtyard.

In the interests of your safety and security, if you intend to return to the Residential Centre after 10pm (2200hrs), please inform our duty staff of the time you plan to return and provide a contact number which you wish us to contact in case of an emergency.

Students who are temporarily vacating the Residential Centre overnight or for a short period of time, to visit friends off campus, return home for the weekend or go on a holiday are required to complete a temporary absence registration form, providing the University with the dates of their intended absence and a contact number.

Under these circumstances, students will not be deemed in breach of curfew unless they fail to return on the intended date and or fail to advise staff accordingly.

The Residential Centre offers fully furnished and equipped apartments, designed to meet the specific needs of students. In the interest of minimising damage to the units and maintain consistency of the accommodation offered throughout the building strict rules apply to the introduction or swapping of furniture items within the unit.

Furniture and fixtures may not be swapped or transferred between accommodation units under any circumstances. No fixture or supplied furniture item can be removed from a unit. The following additional items may be introduced to the apartments by students:

  • Television
  • Clothes horse
  • Standing lamp

The following items may not be introduced to the apartments by students:

  • Mattress
  • Dining table or dining chairs
  • Washing machine or clothes dryer
  • Cupboard or drawers
  • Ironing board or iron
  • Kettle or rice cooker
  • Microwave oven
  • Portable gas cooker
  • Refrigerator or freezer

Every student living in the Residential Centre is entitled to reside in a peaceful manner and free from distraction. Students are encourage to contact the reception desk at any time should their individual comfort be disturbed by the behaviour or level of noise caused by other students in their allocated unit or those in neighbouring units on, above or below their floor.

Staff are authorised to investigate any concern raised and will ensure that the matter is addressed discreetly at all times.

Parties of any of kind are strictly prohibited within the Residential Centre. Only registered occupants of an accommodation level are permitted to gather on that particular floor.

Students are not permitted to have more than one additional person for each registered occupant in their allocated unit at any time. For example: Single unit requires there be no more than two people in the unit at anytime. Five bedroom units require that there be no more than ten people in the unit at any time.

Residents from other accommodation floors are not permitted on accommodation floors above or below their own. All residents of the Residential Centre are encouraged to gather in the recreation room on level one.

Students are encouraged to have quiet gatherings in kitchens or the reading room on accommodation levels or in the recreation room or external courtyard on level one or in other areas of the campus, with consideration for the peaceful comfort of others at all times.

Pets (including fish) are strictly prohibited within the Residential Centre at all times.

Requests for room moves are generally not encouraged within the Residential Centre.

Staff undertake a extensive assessment of each students accommodation application profile in a bid to ensure that "like minded" students are allocated together in multishare environments and the post arrival inspection process provides an opportunity for staff and registered occupants to discuss any issues with room allocation early in the life of the student tenancy alleviating a genuine reason for requesting a room move later in the term.

All forms of smoking are not permitted in units or in all internal common area spaces within the Residential Centre. 

Students are permitted to smoke in the external courtyard outside the recreation room on level one 

Students who are found to be in breach of this rule will face eviction from the facility. 

Valuable personal items should be kept in the safety deposit box installed in the wardrobe in your bedroom at all times.

The University does not accept liability or responsibility for the loss, theft or damage of any personal items kept in bedrooms, bathroom, accommodation units and the common area spaces of the Residential Centre

Students are permitted to invite a maximum of two visitors into the Residential Centre at any time. All visitors are required to be signed in to the Visitors book at the main reception desk by a registered occupant of the Residential Centre, who is then responsible for the behaviour of each visitor and must ensure that they comply with the rules as stated in this handbook whilst enjoying the facilities available within the Residential Centre.

Visitor access is restricted to level one, including the recreation room and external courtyard. All visitors must be signed out of the Visitors book by the registered occupant upon departure. Visitors are required to vacate the premises in line with curfew times and will not be permitted in the facility before 7am (0700hrs). Inviting visitors up onto the accommodation levels or into apartments is strictly prohibited as are overnight stays. Any student found in breach of this rule will face immediate eviction from the facility.

Only registered occupants of an accommodation level are permitted to gather on that particular floor. Residents from other accommodation floors are not permitted on accommodation floors above or below their own. All residents of the Residential Centre are encouraged to gather in the recreation room on level one.

All students are encouraged to report visitors who are found to be in unauthorised areas by contacting the reception desk. Residential Centre management reserves the right to remove visitors from the building at any time.

Apply to live on campus

Applying for an accommodation place in The Residential Centre is easy.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Apply online below.
  • The Residential Centre will assess application and subject to availability issue an accommodation offer.
  • Your accommodation offer must be accepted prior to its expiry date.

To accept your accommodation offer and secure an accommodation place in the Residential Centre, the following process will apply:

  • Return the Acceptance of Offer form provided with the original offer.
  • Make payment of the (refundable) security deposit and (non-refundable) administration fee.
  • Return a copy of the receipt for payment to the Residential Centre. Please note: Accommodation places are not confirmed until proof of payment has been received.

Living off campus

If you're an international student, RMIT’s friendly staff will help you find off-campus accommodation in both HCMC and Hanoi. We can recommend the best areas to live at a price that suits your budget.

For further information please contact the International student office at