Smart & Sustainable Cities Forum

Smart & Sustainable Cities (SSC) Forum


With over 3.5 billion people living in cities at the moment and a projected 70% of humanity living in cities by 2050, developing smart and sustainable cities is at the forefront of urban development and planning.

RMIT’s Smart & Sustainable Cities Forum’s (SSC) overarching goal is to provide a platform for the sharing of best practices and knowledge to ensure that stakeholders across key industry segments, public sector organisations and local/international NGOs have the information critical for Vietnam’s developing cities.


The key themes of this SSC are of significant importance to sustainably developing Vietnam’s urban centres. Based on the 2020 Vietnam census, the current population of Hanoi and HCMC are about 8.3 and 9.3 million respectively, and both cities are expected to grow further. As such, the SSC seeks to inform participants on key aspects to set the development agenda of the cities in the right direction. The SSC Forum 2021 theme is: Where Sustainability and Smart Cities Meet .


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  • Smart Governance and the link to United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals   
  • Block Chain Innovations  
  • Liveable Cities from The Australian Urban Observatory  
  • Government vision for smart & sustainable development  
  • Benchmarking progress of smart city development  
  • Moving towards a “Digital Vietnam”   
  • Smart tourism, governance, and logistics  
  • Sustainable waste management & plastic pollution  
  • Smart City solutions for Climate Change  

Guest speakers

The list may change due to the availability of guest speakers.


RMIT key speakers

This list may change due to the availability of RMIT speakers.





There will be more than 1,000 attendees at this forum, which includes:   

  • RMIT students   
  • RMIT staff and researchers  
  • Government Leaders  
  • Local & International NGOs  
  • Industry Partners   
  • General Public  
  • Media 

Why attend

For students

  • Obtain opinions and insights from renowned leaders from prominent organisations to enhance your learning experience and see theories in action   
  • Listen to senior government officials, advisors outline their vision for the future sustainable development of Vietnam 

For organisations

  • Inform and shape the minds of the business leaders of tomorrow by sharing your experiences and engaging with our students   
  • Observe the successes of renowned companies, learn about cutting-edge business practices and innovative ideas to enhance the effectiveness & sustainability of your organisation 

For government

  • Inform and shape the minds of future leaders by sharing your experiences with our students   
  • Articulate the vision that the government has to ensure a prosperous future for Vietnam and its people   
  • Engage with one of the leading universities in Vietnam and Asia more broadly  


For media

  • Showcase the strides Vietnam is making in Sustainability   
  • Highlight success stories of Vietnamese businesses to Vietnamese people and the global community   
  • Highlight challenges facing Vietnamese businesses   
  • Emphasise the need for SMART & Sustainable development in Vietnam’s urban centres  
The forum is organised by RMIT University is partnership with the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM) and the Digital Transformation Consulting and Support Center (DXCenter) of Ho Chi Minh City.