RMIT's Amazing Vietnam Student Competition 2022


RMIT’s Tourism and Hospitality Management Programme ensures inclusive and quality education for all while promoting lifelong learning. The birth of Amazing Vietnam Student Competition (AVSC) proves that. To increase the quality of tourism and hospitality education, RMIT's AVSC will serve as a platform to create awareness and encourage high school students on the importance of the tourism industry to the Vietnamese economy. World tourism leaders have built resilience and incorporated innovation to create a sustainable future. Through the competition, AVSC seeks to encourage Vietnamese high-students to uncover Vietnam's treasures and, simultaneously, to share their experiences with visitors.  

The competition promotes creativity and enhances the participants' practical skills and knowledge in tackling real-world problems within the Vietnamese tourism industry. Specifically, this year, RMIT aims to focus on tourism's ability to stay resilient with innovation to create sustainable tourism for Vietnam.  


Who can enter?

Open to all high school students in Grade 11 and 12 in Vietnam participating in teams (minimum of two and maximum of three members per team).  


Sustainable Tourism Development through Innovation 

Innovation in tourism refers to the creation of something new or to a change that can be made to an existing product or idea. Areas that can be considered: 

  • Attractions - amusement parks, museums, architecture, theatres, shopping centres
  • Accessibility - transport infrastructure, public transit services, and measures for people with mobility limitations and disabilities
  • Amenities - accommodation, gastronomy, and leisure pursuits
  • Available packages - service bundles by intermediaries to increase awareness of a destination's uniqueness
  • Activities - all activities which attract tourists to the destination


Each team must submit 01 proposal (report) and 01 video with creative solutions/ideas to build tourism by embracing innovation for sustainable development in Vietnam. Any application of AVSC that can solve a real-world problem is welcomed. 

Date Content
11 September 2022 Kick-off and Open for Registration
18 September 2022 Opening Ceremony | Register here
25 September 2022 Training Workshop for registered teams
23 October 2022 Registration and Submission Deadline
1 November 2022 Finalist Announcement  
6 November 2022 Training Workshop for the Finalists
20 November 2022 Final round

Fascinating prizes with total value up to 90 million VND including:  

For participating teams 

  • 01 First Prize: Prizes worth around VND 30,000,000 per team with 3 team members
  • 01 Second Prize: Prizes worth around VND 12,000,000 per team with 3 team members  
  • 01 Third Prize: Prizes worth around VND 7,500,000 per team with 3 team members  
  • 01 People's Choice Prize (01 teams receiving most online votes): Prizes worth around VND 3,000,000 per team with 3 team members  
  • 02 Encouragement Awards: Prizes worth around VND 3,000,000 per team with 3 team members  

For participating high schools 

Prize for the high school with student team winning awards:  

  • 1st Prize worth 15,000,000VND   
  • 2nd Prize worth 10,000,000VND 
  • 3rd Prize worth 5,000,000VND 

Note: Prizes cannot be exchanged for monetary value or other items. 

Workshop and Preliminary: 

Teams register and submit the business proposal/white paper (report) in PDF format together with a no more than 2-minute video (all in English) to showcase the project to before 23:59 on 23rd October 2022. Registered teams can participate in online workshop and Q&A sessions with judges & lecturers from RMIT. 

Finalist Announcement: 

The chosen videos will be published on the fan page AVSC 2022 where audiences can vote for the People's Choice Prize. Top 05 teams will be chosen for the Final round. Finalists will be offered a training workshop and one-on-one mentoring with industry experts to improve your project.  

Training and Final Round: 

Final project presentation. The five teams will present their projects to our judges, and the best team will be the winner of RMIT Amazing Vietnam Student Competition 2022.

Judging criteria

Submissions will be judged on:

Problem-solving approach 


Feasibility of the concept 


Overall presentation 

Effectiveness in conveying distinctive Vietnamese flavour 

Online votes 

The chosen videos will be published on the fan page AVSC 2022, and the audience can vote by leaving their interactions (like, share, comment, etc.). The People's Choice Prize winner will be announced based on the most interactions on our page.

Rules and regulations

  • Each team should comprise not more than three members
  • Teams will have six weeks to complete their entry. Each submission should take the format of a report (in PDF) and the short video, all in English (for the first round) and be the original design and creation of the participants themselves. Teams can also supplement their entries with models, charts, skits or other appropriate media while presenting to the judges
  • Each team will have to complete the challenge without assistance from teachers and external parties
  • All submitted entries will become the property of the organisers and will not be returned. By participating in this challenge, participants agree that their entries may be displayed and featured in the publications of the organisers and their partners
  • By participating in this challenge, participants also will consent and agree that RMIT's Corporate Communications Office, its employees, or agents have the right to take photographs and record videos of them during the event and to use these in any media, including social media, associated with RMIT University Vietnam, and that their name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text
  • The decisions of the judges are final
  • The rules, regulations, and prizes in this competition are subject to change without prior notice, if necessary, to keep RMIT Vietnam in compliance with Vietnam laws and regulations