International Business Forum 2021

With Vietnam being the world’s second largest coffee producer, and a leading exporter, and with numerous very entrepreneurial individuals operating in this industry, there is significant merit in showcasing the nation’s coffee industry. 

The International Business Forum 2021 theme is:

Internationalisation of Vietnamese coffee industry: The Stakeholders’ Views

Moreover, to recognize and learn about fundamental areas that underline the importance of Vietnam’s coffee industry, the 2021 RMIT’s International Business Forum will feature a suite of knowledgeable and expert practitioners. These distinguished coffee industry guests include company owners-managers engaged in different entrepreneurial initiatives and practices. Through these individuals’ generous engagement and commitment, various themes related to RMIT’s IB and Business Management areas will be discussed. The themes directly and indirectly concern exports, value-adding activities, innovation, sustainable business practices, marketing, and business management. The various featured company cases will illuminate knowledge and enhance the learning experience of RMIT’s student body. The presentation will also contribute to raising awareness concerning the importance of Vietnam’s coffee industry to the wider public, notably, through the dissemination of the event through media outlets. Therefore, it is our utmost privilege to welcome you all to attend this year’s event, and our honor to extend our warmest welcome to this group of coffee industry practitioners.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • History, culture, and types of coffee in Vietnam
  • Coffee production in Vietnam, technology and exporting, your business as a case study
  • Coffee house business: 'Conquering' the world, your business as a case study
  • Sustainability in coffee industry and future development
  • Entrepreneurship, engagement with education industry, diversification, consumers' trends, ethics, sustainability, value adding
  • Entrepreneurship, start-ups, knowledge-based, product internationalisation, diversification and diversity
  • On-site exports, sustainability, introducing Vietnamese coffee to international tourists, your business as a case study


  • Establish a forum to discuss vital economic and business themes in Vietnam.
  • Bring together stakeholders in the business and economic development (industry experts, policy makers, local and foreign business experts and academics) for inter-industry and inter-disciplinary networking and promoting understanding through dialogue
  • Present international business best practice
  • Leverage new technology for international business


There will be about 300 attendees at this forum, which includes:

  • RMIT students
  • RMIT staff and researchers
  • Representatives of local coffee businesses
  • Media

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Why attend?

For students: 

  • Obtain opinions and insights from renowned leaders from prominent companies to enhance your learning experience and see theories in action
  • Listen to senior government officials/advisors outline their vision for the future development and economic prosperity of Vietnam

For organizations:   

  • Inform and shape the minds of the business leaders of tomorrow by sharing your experiences and engaging with our students 
  • Observe the successes of renowned companies, learn about cutting-edge business practices and government strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your organization

For Government: 

  • Inform and shape the minds of future leaders by sharing your experiences with our students 
  • Articulate the vision that the government has to ensure a prosperous future for Vietnam and its people
  • Engage with one of the leading universities in Vietnam and Asia more broadly

For Media: 

  • Showcase the strides Vietnam is making in economic progress
  • Highlight success stories of Vietnamese businesses to Vietnamese people and the global community
  • Highlight challenges facing Vietnamese businesses
  • Emphasize the international lessons for stakeholders in a Digital Economy

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