International Business Forum 2022 - Industry 4.0


"Industry 4.0 stands for the fourth industrial revolution… defined as a new level of organisation and control over the entire value chain of the life cycle of products; it is geared towards increasingly individualised customer requirements. Industry 4.0… includes Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Smart Manufacturing and Cloud-based Manufacturing" (Aaidya, Ambad, and Bhosle, 2018, p. 233).  

Industry 4.0 aims to drive digital manufacturing forward by increasing digitisation and the interconnection of products, value chains, and business models. It also aims to support research, the networking of industry partners, and standardisation.  

International Business Forum 2022 - Industry 4.0 is a hybrid event scheduled to be held in week eight, face-to-face and online, at the HCMC (F2F) and Hanoi (Online) campuses on Wednesday, December 14, 2022, for RMIT students. 

The event's key theme is to discuss the importance, opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 implementation/integration in the context of Vietnam and companies operating in Vietnam. 


Keynote Speakers

Why attend?

For students: 

  • Obtain opinions and insights from renowned leaders from prominent companies to enhance your learning experience and see theories in action
  • Listen to senior government officials/advisors outline their vision for the future development and economic prosperity of Vietnam

For organizations:   

  • Inform and shape the minds of the business leaders of tomorrow by sharing your experiences and engaging with our students 
  • Observe the successes of renowned companies, learn about cutting-edge business practices and government strategies to enhance the effectiveness of your organization

For Government: 

  • Inform and shape the minds of future leaders by sharing your experiences with our students 
  • Articulate the vision that the government has to ensure a prosperous future for Vietnam and its people
  • Engage with one of the leading universities in Vietnam and Asia more broadly

For Media: 

  • Showcase the strides Vietnam is making in economic progress
  • Highlight success stories of Vietnamese businesses to Vietnamese people and the global community
  • Highlight challenges facing Vietnamese businesses
  • Emphasize the international lessons for stakeholders in a Digital Economy

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