Academic and research staff in the School of Communication & Design.

The School of Communication & Design is led by distinguished professionals and leading academics with experience and research that spans Professional Communication, Design, Fashion, Media, and Languages.


Julia Gaimster - Dean of School

Professor Julia Gaimster is Dean of the School and is responsible for ensuring the quality and currency of the school's portfolio of courses. Her background is in Fashion and her previous roles include: Professor of Practice and Associate Head of School at the Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Hong Kong PoluY and Associate Dean of the School of Design & Technology, London College of Fashion.

Key academic and administrative staff


Program managers

  • Farida Kbar, Senior Program Manager and Lecturer, Professional Communication
  • Nick Cope, Senior Program Manager, Digital Film and Video and Design Studies
  • Martin Constable, Program Manager, Digital Media
  • Le Xuan Quynh, Program Manager, Bachelor of Languages
  • Manny Ling, Senior Program Manager, Design Studies

Professional Communication


Design Studies



  • Rajkishore Nayak, Senior Lecturer, Fashion
  • Cheryl Prendergast, Associate Lecturer
  • Lam Thi Hong Lan, Associate Lecturer
  • Pham Tien Thanh, Associate Lecturer
  • Rebecca Morris, Associate Lecturer
  • Tran Nha Ca, Associate Lecturer

Digital Media

  • Martin Constable, Program Manager, Digital Media
  • Hellmut Monz, Lecturer
  • Thierry Bernard, Associate Lecturer
  • Christian Berg, Associate Lecturer, Photography
  • Duong Hoai My Linh, Associate Lecturer
  • Khoa Nguyen, Associate Lecturer
  • Le Thi Huong Giang, Associate Lecturer
  • Mai Huyen Chi, Associate Lecturer
  • Nguyen Hoang Giang, Associate Lecturer
  • Nguyen Hung Giang, Associate Lecturer
  • Nguyen Huu Tu, Associate Lectuer
  • Joel Spezeski, Associate Lectuer
  • Nick Tram, Associate Lecturer
  • Tran Vi Mai Chau, Associate Lecturer
  • Chi Mai, Associate Lecturer