Key academic and administrative staff

  • Dinh Ngoc Minh, Deputy Dean, Research and Innovation
  • Nguyen Le Huy, Deputy Dean, Teaching and Learning
  • Tran Thanh Van, School Manager
  • Tran Duy Nhat Thien Thu, Executive Assistant to Dean of School
  • Huynh Duc Thien, Technical Services
  • Vo Minh Tai, Senior Technical Officer
  • Nguyen Tung Nguyen, Senior Coordinator, Academic Advisory and Planning
  • Nguyen Thi Song Huong, Senior Academic Administration Officer
  • Dam Thanh Quynh Chi, Coordinator, Research and External Engagement
  • Phan Ngoc Anh, Academic Administration Officer
  • Thai Ngoc Tram, Academic Administration Officer
  • Huynh Tue Binh, Coordinator, Internship & Industry Engagement
  • Do Ngoc Hoa, Senior Coordinator, External Engagement and Event
  • Ngo Thi Minh Ai, Coordinator Event and Communications
  • Nguyen Kim Thao, Coordinator, Industry Engagement (Aviation)

Program managers

  • Quang Tran, Senior Program Manager, IT and Software Engineering
  • Nguyen Le Huy, Senior Program Manager, Electrical and Electronic Engineering; and Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering
  • Alberto Bernabeo, Senior Program Manager, Aviation
  • Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Anh, Acting Program Manager, Psychology
  • Tuyen Truong, Program Manager, Biosciences, Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Dinh Ngoc Minh, Program Manager, Master of AI
  • Jonathan Crellin, Academic Coodinator, Acting Senior Program Manager, IT and Software Engineering

Information Technology

Software Engineering

  • Quang Tran, (Mr), Senior Program Manager
  • Dang Tran Tri (Dr), Lecturer, Software Engineering
  • Ling Huo Chong (Dr), Senior Lecturer
  • Nguyen Quang Minh (Dr), Lecturer
  • Ho Nguyen Phu Bao (Mr), Teaching Assistant 
  • Dinh Duy Tung (Mr), Teaching Assistant
  • Huynh Minh Tri (Mr), Teaching Assistant

Electronics and Computer System Engineering

Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering



Food tech and Nutrition

  • Tuyen Truong, Program Manager, Biosciences, Food Technology and Nutrition
  • Yunus Khatri (Dr), Senior Lecturer
  • David Popovich (Dr.), Senior Lecturer
  • Nguyen Tue Anh (Dr), Lecturer, Science - Hourly

Artificial Intelligence

Cyber Security

Women in STEM and Research/Teaching Fellow