Create products, systems and solutions for the future

You will have access to professional laboratories, modern computer laboratories, new electronic materials testing and processing equipment, and the latest software.

Our computers operate not only Windows but also Linux and macOS operating systems. You will stay up to date with current technological trends through classroom use of Android, iOS and modern cross-platform mobile technology such as Flutter. You will also become familiar with web development tools, security software and cloud platforms.

Our programs

Information Technology

Our information technology (IT) qualification will make you highly employable in the rapidly expanding IT and software development sector

Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering

This program prepares you for a career in the growing field of robotics and mechatronics – a field that will set engineering trends for the next decade

Electronic and Computer Systems Engineering

Put yourself at the forefront of technological advancement with the knowledge, principles and skills essential for a professional career in the electronic, computer systems, communication and network engineering domains.

Software Engineering

With every new device, piece of hardware and machinery being powered by software, highly skilled software engineers are in demand.


If you have a passion for understanding the science of the mind and human behaviour, this program provides you with the theoretical and practical foundations to pursue a career in the field of psychology.


In this first international-standard aviation bachelor's degree in Vietnam, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of the aviation industry and a range of analytical skills, giving you a comprehensive appreciation of the operating environment.

Food Technology and Nutrition

Students will learn the innovative processes that turn raw materials into food products, and how scientists are able to improve both the taste and nutrition of final commodities.

Master of Artificial Intelligence

This program prepares students to apply advanced AI knowledge in a range of contexts, including professional or academic settings.

Master of Cyber Security

The Master of Cyber Security is intended for information security managers, as well as technical specialists interested in the implementation of information security systems.

Professional accreditation

Accreditation by Engineers Australia

Accreditation by Engineers Australia

Our Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree is recognised around the world, as Australia is one of 15 signatory countries to the International Engineering Alliance, known as the Washington Accord. Graduates are able to practice as professional engineers in Washington Accord signatory countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan.
Accreditation by the Australian Computer Society

Accreditation by the Australian Computer Society

The Bachelor of Information Technology is professionally accredited by the Australian Computer Society. It is compliant with the Australian Qualification Framework. and provides graduates with international recognition through the Seoul accord, including USA, Canada and Australia.