One to one learning and language support

Learn how you can study more effectively in your courses and communicate more clearly.

Course teachers provide information, activities and assessments to help students achieve a deeper understanding of their subject. But sometimes you may have questions about how to study more effectively and may want advice about how to approach your assignments and coursework.

Our Learning Advisors now offer regular consultation times at the Saigon South and Hanoi City campuses.

Advisor assistance

  • What actions can help me learn more effectively in my course?
  • How can I communicate more clearly for my subject area?
  • How can I fully understand the requirements of an assignment?
  • How can I develop my writing and speaking projects more effectively?
  • How can I research and read more effectively?
  • How can I identify the important information to focus on when listening to lectures?
  • How can I proofread to improve the quality of my written work?
  • How can I organize my exam preparation?

Preparation for your session

To get the most out of your advising session, you should do a little bit of preparation.

To prepare for your session, you should bring:

  • Specific question(s) related to your study or your assignment
  • All materials that are related to your question (e.g. assignment brief/description, marking rubric, assignment draft, textbooks, articles, etc.)
  • Any additional information that can help the Adviser understand your question

Drop into the Writing and Learning Centre to see an advisor (SGS: 1.1.32, HN 1.2.001). No appointments necessary, just drop in.

Or if you are not on campus, you can book an online appointment.