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Introduction video of RMIT careers online portal

Let's kick start your international career today with RMIT careers online portal. Watch the video to learn how to access valuable resources to improve your employability skills and prepare for a great job application.

These free resources will help you plan and perfect each step of your job application, give you the tools to create an actionable career plan and open the door to jobs in Vietnam and around the world. 

Take this short quiz to evaluate your knowledge of job applications, identify your areas of strength, and receive a personalised report on how you can improve your career skills. To track your progress, you can re-take the quiz over time. 

Learn about employability skills like problem-solving, personal development, leadership customer service and more with these videos and learning resources. You can also better understand your strengths, motivations and values by taking a self-assessment on key skills like your motivations and leadership style.

Watch the quick start video and follow each stage, listening to advice from employers, to create an expert CV based on employer requirements. You can choose your template and populate it following the advice gained, and once completed, download your CV to tailor for job applications.

Use CV360, an automated tool, to see how your CV scores against Applicant Tracking Systems and discover how to improve it.


Follow step-by-step instructions and examples to write a professional cover letter. Once completed, you can download your cover letter to tailor for job applications.

Get confident for interviews, and practice your interview technique with questions selected by multinational hiring managers. You can record your mock interview and then compare your responses against advice from employers who explain the difference between strong and weak answers. You can also upload your CV to CV360 and have mock interview questions automatically generated based on your own personal skills and experience!

An elevator pitch is an energetic summary about you, your goals and what you can offer. It’s an effective way to sell yourself in less than sixty seconds. Use the elevator pitch builder to create your own pitch to use at networking events, with potential contacts or at the start of job interviews.

Some recruitment processes will include an aptitude test. Often, aptitude tests can evaluate your literacy and numeracy. They can also test your creativity, problem solving ability, communication and other skills. Use practice tests to get familiar with aptitude tests.

Explore employment opportunities on RMIT's Online Careers Portal and use the job board to find millions of jobs in over 50 countries – from thousands of job sites, recruiters and company career sites.

Book a consultation with the Saigon and Hanoi careers staff for more career support or drop into the Saigon South Job Shop room 1.1.033

You are recommended to start preparing for your Internship course three months in advance. Find out more about the procedures and timeline, update your CV, and prepare a cover letter to apply for future internship positions. With a strong application, you will be invited to interview.