Personal Edge

Be prepared for success in an increasingly competitive job market, both in Vietnam and overseas.

Future career prospects are bright for graduates with real-life work experience and highly sought after interpersonal, creative, and analytical skills. Personal Edge develops these employability skills to ensure you are work-ready when you complete your studies.

What is Personal Edge?

Every semester, you can attend a variety of Personal Edge learning experiences - a series of modules aimed at helping you develop a wide range of knowledge and skills alongside your formal academic study.

Personal Edge modules are delivered by industry leaders, RMIT Vietnam academics, and alumni. Personal Edge is organised around six key skill sets that you continue to develop after university and throughout your working life.

Personal Edge helps you become a:

  • Creative thinker
  • Confident communicator
  • Cross-cultural team player
  • Ethical leader
  • Digital Citizen
  • Career strategist

Why Personal Edge?

  • Improve your group work or club activities
  • Clarify your career plans and increase your confidence in the workplace
  • Develop a portfolio of achievements to show to potential recruiters and business partners
  • Become a better learner, and learn from experience
  • Enhance your international profile

All RMIT students can access Personal Edge