If you can't submit an assessment on time due to circumstances outside your control, you may be eligible for an extension to the due date.

What is an extension?

If you are prevented from submitting an assessment on time by circumstances outside your control, you may apply in advance for an extension to the due date of up to seven calendar days

If you need an extension of more than seven days, you must apply for special consideration. However, if you have an equitable assessment arrangement which allows for the negotiation of submission dates with academic/teaching staff, extensions of more than seven days may be considered.

Assessments eligible for an extension

You can apply for an extension for assessments with a deadline such as assignments, essays and projects, but not for timed assessments such as tests, exams, quizzes or lab/practical assessments. If you're seeking assessment flexibility for a timed assessment, you must apply for special consideration.

How to apply

You must apply no less than fully 24 hours of one (01) working day before the official due date. If you are applying for an extension on or after an assessment due date, you must apply for special consideration.

Complete the Application for extension of time to submit Assessment work form and lodge it with the Course Coordinator (via Student Connect Portal, or direct email to the Course Coordinator). You are also required to provide documentary evidence to justify your circumstances. 

Application for extension of time to submit assessment work form (156KB, 2p)

Where your documentary evidence is in a language other than English, you must provide an English translation. 

Outcome of application

The course coordinator will notify you via email whether the extension has been granted or denied. You are advised to submit the work directly to the assessor as soon as you can, to minimize deduction of marks if the extension is not granted. 

For UniStart Academic Program Students

Students in UniStart Academic Program have a separate extension of time process applied to their program. Please contact your lecturers or reach out to VN Assessment Support at assessment.support@rmit.edu.vn if you have any questions or further concerns.

More information

For more adjustment to assessment options, go to Extensions and special consideration

If you have a question about extensions, please contact your Course Coordinator or Student Connect.