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About Current Media Club

The Current Media Club provides a safe place for RMIT students to have fun and develop their creative selves. The club strives to make positive impacts within and beyond the RMIT community through various art forms such as print, exhibitions, workshops, etc.


Current Media is a place where you get to enjoy working with ideas. With us, all ideas will come true. Everyone is welcomed since Current Media needs you.

Events and Achievements

Issue19th: Sound 

Current Media has produced 19 magazine issues, which become the signature of the club and serve as a source of entertainment for lecturers, staff, and students in the bustling life. We want to introduce a brand new perspective on the notion of sound through this issue. See our magazines at: 

Mini event: SOUND ESCAPE

To promote Issue 19, we decided to hold a small event. which was held within 3 days on a medium-sized scale. The number of attendees also exceeded the proposed club level, so it was considered a success. The event was built as an escape puzzle game, with a number of unexpected details to attract everyone to attend. 

Highschool Workshop

Current Media organized workshops with the theme "How to produce a newspaper", one of the club's strengths for high school students. During only 45 minutes, Current Media received a lot of joy and motivation to develop more upcoming issues.


  • 18 magazines totalling 10,000 hard copies that were distributed at both Hanoi and Saigon South campuses.
  • The club's music concerts Trạm Dừng (2016), Cá Hồi (2017) and Tết Không Làm Gì (2018) successfully raised VND 90 million for the National Institute of Hematology & Blood Transfusion, Center of Social Protection and National Hospital of Pediatrics.
  • Led the Senses of Hanoi Exhibition which attracted more than 2000 participants.


Ms. Bach Duong (Executive, 2020 - 2021) 

"I have been a part of Current Media since the very first day of my uni life. Current Media not only gives me chances to learn but also brings me a sense of belonging. With the motto “Embrace every individuality”, we flourish every talent and cherish every voice of CM’s members. We work together and make Current Media a great home with love, enthusiasm and unity.”

Ms. Ha An (Executive, 2020 - 2021) 

"Working with the Club has made me much more confident in myself as well as realize my potential and what I can achieve as an individual and with a team. Obviously, there have been ups and downs, even to the point that I’ve once broken down completely, but in the end, I am proud of and in love with our work, our events, and Current Media as a whole.”