Start a new club

Learn how to establish a new student club at RMIT Vietnam with endless possibilities and interests.

Are you searching for a club that fits your unique interests but can't seem to find one? Don't dwell on what could be—create a new club!

With more than 50 clubs on both Saigon South and Hanoi campus and approximately 6000 members, students have endless possibilities to improve their leadership skills, gain magnificent experiences, make a difference in the lives of others, express themselves and network with fellow students of similar interests.

General aims and objectives when starting a club

  • Matches one or many interests of a number of students within RMIT Vietnam
  • Enhances student experience to balance between studying and student life
  • Creates networking opportunities with peers, industry experts and communities through activities/projects
  • Helps students develop technical and soft skills
  • Clubs will be categorised based on the 04 main club categories:
    • Academic
    • Creative Collectives
    • Social & Special Interest
    • Sports & Recreational
  • While it's tempting to have multiple Harry Potter Fan Clubs, we can only have one of each type. Your club should be original and not duplicate any existing clubs. Check our RMIT Student Clubs in Saigon South campus and Hanoi campus as PDF files by clicking in respective campus (sign in with your RMIT email).

Steps of establishing a new student club at RMIT Vietnam

Send your new club proposal, including name of your proposed club and briefly infomation about what will it do & who does it cater for, via email to the Student Life mailbox at respective campus you are enrolling or interested in as below:

Once you've submitted your idea, the Club Program Team will reach out within 3 days of receiving your request to offer further assistance and to guide you through the next steps to your pitching day as well. We’ll set up a meeting with you and your team to introduce ourselves and provide you with a crash course on club management.

  • A group of students with the same idea for establishing a new student club at RMIT meets with SAC (Student Activities Coordinator) and SAO (Student Life Activities Officer).
  • SAC & SAO discuss the idea and provide more useful information.
  • SAC & SAO send the Student Club Rules & Regulations and the list of questions to the representative of the club.
  • The representative of the club prepares a proposal to present on pitching day by answering questions in the list below

List of question for proposal and pitching preparation

  1. What is your club's exact name in both English and Vietnamese? What is its abbreviation?
    E.g: RMIT Vietnam Basketball Club (Abbreviation: RMITVN BBC) or Câu lạc bộ Bóng rổ RMIT Việt Nam.
  2. Is there any similar club operating at RMIT Vietnam? (having same name or same nature or same purpose, etc)
  3. What is your purpose of establishing a new club? (Why do you want to open this club, aims and objectives?)
  4. Besides normal training/operation, does your club have any other activity (such as: competition, social networking, teambuilding, workshop to enhance the club’s activities, etc.)?
  5. Describe the proposed organisation chart of your club: the chart MUST have at least 3 core positions at the beginning: President, Vice President, Chief of Finance Officer, and other 3 optional positions: Marketing Leader, Human Resource Leader, and Logistic Leader.
  6. What is your expected number of member per semester when your club is established? Why?
  7. What is your plan to recruit more members and maintain the required number (20 each semester) as per RMIT Vietnam Student Club Rules & Regulations?
  8. Does your club need any support from RMIT Vietnam in term of facility/equipment? Please specify.
  9. Does your club intend to have coach or mentor? (Mentor could be a RMIT staff, lecturer, or professor, etc)
  10. What is your short term plan to maintain and develop the club (less than 1 year)? Please specify.
  11. What is your long term plan to maintain and develop the club (2 years and more)? Please specify.
  12. What is your financial plan? Describe your club’s income (membership fee, training fee, sponsor….) and club’s expenditures (venue renting fee, training fee, operation cost, activity cost, miscellaneous cost, etc)
  13. What is your plan to train later generations after finishing your term?
  14. What is the difficulties and challenges you think your club will have in the future, and what is your solution to solve these matters?

  • Only two pitching opportunities for each club per semester, with a maximum of one month between two pitchings.
  • The club (3 executives members) presents the idea to the panel, which consists of a Student Life Department Senior Manager, Student Life Activities Manager, SAC, SAO, representatives of Student Council, and other representatives of relevant departments.
  • Presentation: 15-30 minutes
  • Q&A: 15 minutes
  • Panel's discussion: 15 minutes

The decision is based on an evaluation form.

  • If the pitching passes, proceed to Step 6.
  • If the pitching fails, the process may need to be restarted. 
  • Only 2 pitching opportunities are given to each club per semester, with an interval of 1 month maximum between 2 pitchings.

Within 2 weeks after pitching passes:

  • SAC & SAO send the template of RMIT Student Club Charter to the club's president.
  • Discuss with the club's president about the contents of the Club Charter.
  • The president of the club discusses with executive members and prepares the charter.
  • Get confirmation signatures of all club's executive members and mentor (optional) on the charter.
  • Submit a hard copy to SAC & SAO.

Probation time is 1 or 2 semesters based on SAC’s decision. Student Life will base on the club probation evaluation matrix to appraise club performance. To pass the probation, the club must satisfy 2 conditions:

  • Total score of evaluation matrix is equal or larger than 50% weight.
  • Achieve the required conditions (if existing) as agreement between the Club and SAC & SAO.

If the club fails the probation (percentage of performance appraisal is under 50%), it needs to wait for 3 semesters to process in terms of re-establishing the club.

Once probation is passed, the club is officially affiliated.

Club have to submit the following documents after passing the probation:

  • Club executive list & Club Bank Account updated form
  • List of members
  • Action Plan of following semester

Eligibility for club's executive members

  • Currently enrolled in undergraduate or postgraduate programs; Foundations Studies, English for University and exchange students are NOT eligible.
  • Have at least 3 semesters remained when starting the club and NOT either in any internships or have any plan to take leave of absence for 1 semester or more.
  • Committed to be in the club for at least 2 consecutive semesters.
  • NOT in executive board (or management board) of another affiliated club.
  • NOT in At Risk level 3 or above, or in At Risk level 2 but GPA ≥ 2.0
  • Each generation can have a term of 3 semesters maximum (excluding probation period)

Required organisation chart and member headcount

The club MUST have at least 3 core positions (President, Vice President, Chief of Finance Officer) to be established, with other 3 optional positions: Marketing Leader, Human Resource Leader, and Logistic Leader. Other positions can be elected or appointed later based on club’s demand (e.g: PR Leader, Design Leader, Operation Leader, Secretary, etc.)

The required member headcount during probation will be discussed between the Club and SAO based on nature of each specific club.


Need help?

Contact us via emails above or swing by Student Life office as info below:

  • Saigon South Office: 10.2.09, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
  • Hanoi Office: 1.8.007, Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm