Internship program

Hosting an internship lets you access and help develop the workforce of the future.

By supporting RMIT students’ learning, your workplace will benefit from talented, cost-effective and flexible staffing options. By partnering with us as a host employer, you’ll have access to the next generation of enthusiastic industry professionals with fresh ideas.

Flagship Internship Program

RMIT Vietnam's Flagship Internship program responds to the need for a unified approach in providing work experience to students.

The program uses principles and frameworks to guide high-impact pedagogy around internship experiences for domestic students, and in preparing to accommodate international students wishing to uptake a placement in Asia.

Internships involve the completion of targeted interdisciplinary workshops which include personalised learning outcomes, guidance, and negotiated assessment structures. 

Students in the following disciplines have the option to take an internship:


Business students undertake a voluntary 12-week internship at the end of their degree.

Design and communications

Design and communications students take a compulsory 12 to 15 week internship in the last year of their degree.


Fashion students undertake a compulsory 12 week internship in the last semester of their degree.

Information technology

Information technology students undertake a compulsory 15-week internship at the end of their degree.

Frequently asked questions

Most students take part in internships at the end of a program, allowing students to easily transition into full-time employment. However, there are a few exceptions. For detailed information, please check the Internships and Skills by degree page.

Students of each program have a different requirement of minimum internship period. Please refer to this link for details.

Our internship schedule is based on the RMIT University Vietnam's academic schedule. That means our students are available to start their internship 3 times a year around the middle of February, middle of June and middle of October. To receive a regular email informing you when each intake opens, please fill in this form.

To participate in our Internship Program, companies must agree to the following:

  • Ensure adequate working conditions and follow Health and Safety standards.
  • Assign a direct work supervisor, who can guide and give feedback on work performance, for each intern position.
  • Allow the intern's RMIT Internship Lecturer to visit him/her at the workplace at least once during his/her internship.
  • Provide reflective feedback via an online Employer Feedback Questionnaire for future improvement of the program.


Intern jobs offered to each program should be in alignment with our academic program to make sure students can benefit most after the internship. Please refer to this link to see expected knowledge and skills students should have by learning from the internship.

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