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About Dance Club

The Dance Club provides opportunities to those who have an interest in dancing, would like to shine on stage and be involved in a dynamic community. The club creates a safe place for creativity and self-exploration outside of the classroom.


Founded in 2016, RMIT Hanoi Dance Club has always desired to be an open community for students with similar interests but diverse styles and characteristics. In Dance Club, we hope to bring our members as many chances to develop as possible.

Events and Achievements


Tik Tok Challenge

The challenge aimed to encourage students to show their passion for dancing despite not being professional dancers, as well as to blow away the gloomy atmosphere of the pandemic. 

Olympick Me Up 

The purpose of the section was to train members to strengthen their physical ability. It successfully engaged 100% of our members and even school students and staff, increasing awareness significantly among participants.

Palette (with Music Club)

The original idea was to have a live session, however, due to COVID-19, two clubs rapidly switched to recording videos and uploading them on our Facebook pages. We are really proud when our videos have reached up to 6000 views.

Christmas Santa 

With the desire to deliver love and affection among students around the campus, DC published an event called “Christmas Santa”. After 1-week opening orders, we received up to 23 and widely spread our activities around the Hanoi campus via short dance performances.

We Can Dance

In collaboration with Sunshine Maple Bear, our members and the class teacher worked together to build a performance for their students to compete in the Christmas event. We developed a new set of skills (not-so-casual one), which were working, dancing and teaching children from 6 - 11 years old. 

6th Showcase: “Silver Linings” 

The theme was “Silver Linings” since we hoped our show would bring light and hope to all members and audiences after a comfortless year. After 10 weeks of preparation and 2 hours of performances, we were delighted to see the venue fulfilled with people and enjoy their reactions to our every single effort. 


  • MC x DC: Adrenaline LIVESHOW: The RMIT Hanoi Dance Club and the RMIT Hanoi Music Club delivered amazing performances at the Hanoi Pedestrian Zone to promote themselves and the RMIT club community to a broader audience. This event was also joined by RMIT University Vice-Chancellor and President, Martin Bean CBE and RMIT Vietnam Head of Hanoi campus, Phillip Dowler

  • LOVE Video Project: as the most-viewed video project with nearly 5,000 views, the LOVE Video Project showcased the club members' self-choreographed performances to express the various stages of a person in love


  • FUSION: Highschool Dance Competition: Hosted by the RMIT Hanoi Dance Club, FUSION 2018 is a dance competition for high school students all around Hanoi, creating a dynamic space for participants to satisfy their passion and assist them in finding and developing their own unique style


Mr. Derek Le Toralba (President, 2020)

"The decision to join DC was not a rational decision to me and my comfort zone at that time. However, being surrounded by helpful seniors somehow made me become more open to new challenges and gain significant development in dancing. I had more chances to meet amazing friends and grown-up much more than I expected. "

Ms. Thu Hien (Member, 2020 - 2021)

"At first I thought that it would be really difficult to blend in with DC, especially when all members are outstanding in many fields. However, DC brought me the love and the feeling of a real family, as if we were meant to be right from the beginning! My friends here always put me at ease with their welcoming vibe (I think there’s no need to mention how matchy we are when it comes to eating). I just love you guys sooooo much!!!"

RMIT Dance Club Hanoi