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About Football Club

Football (Soccer) is Vietnam's adopted national sport;

The Football Club aims to feed that passion on the RMIT Vietnam campuses.


Our club aims to become the best of all at the end of 2021. Also, we want to change people's mindset that this is just a football club. We want to spread our activities, besides football and connect with all of the club members, as well as other clubs.



FIFA Online Cup

We hosted an e-sport event with the association of FIFA online 4. The FIFA Online Cup helped our members to stay active with the club activities while still maintaining social distancing. Also, this was a fun experience for all participants to play indoor football.

RMIT Football Super League

To fulfil the member’s needs, our club organized a league with 5 teams from our club and 1 team from Event Club. Each week each match brought a lot of excitement, thrill and hope for not only the players but also our supporters. The league was definitely the most memorable activity of the Football Club during the year. 

Football Match with VinUni Football Team

A friendly football match between RMIT Hanoi FC and VFT took place at VINUNI football stadium, bringing a lot of emotions to both teams. We were glad that we had the opportunity to visit Vin University, met new people and made new friends. Throughout the match with many exciting and dramatic moments, our RMIT team won the final with a respectable score: 7-3.


Mr. Ho Sy Duc Khai (Former President, 2020)

“During 5 years with the Football Club, I feel warm. FC to me is not just a club, it's my second family. If my college life is a dark hole full of stress and workload, football is like the sun shining in my life. The FC’s slogan at the beginning was “We are one” and till now and further it always will be. I’m glad that I have the opportunity to accompany FC from the very beginning."

Mr. Le Hoang Phong (Member, 2019 - 2021)

“After 2 years with the club, I have so much fun and gain a lot of experience in both football field and real-life. Not only do we become friends in the field, but we also help each other during our time in school. “We are one” is the club motto so we always support each other and make sure no one is left behind. All the moments I have with FC will be my most treasured memories in my college life."

RMIT Football Club Hanoi