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About Tourism and Hospitality Management Club

The Tourism and Hospitality Management Club creates a friendly community for those who are interested in acquiring knowledge about the Tourism and Hospitality industry.


Get academic knowledge virally delivered in interesting ways, treasure personal development and experience in Tourism and Hospitality field.

Events and Achievements



Future of Vietnam Tourism Competition: The project gave high school students insights about tourism such as career opportunities, latest developments and the explicit connections between tourism and humanities, environment, and economy. They could then apply thinking, processing skills, and generating creative ideas in a bigger picture of Vietnamese tourism.


  • Life of the Butlers: gained insights into what butlers do in a 5-star hotel
  • One Day of Tour Guide: acquired knowledge about different aspects of being a tour guide and how real-life tourist emergency situations should be handled
  • Dress-code and Decorum: learned about proper attire to wear on certain occasions from industry experts



Green Edge: The event aimed to make an impact on people’s awareness and actions regarding environmental issues, and promote RMIT’s sustainable image to the surrounding community. Attracting engagement from not only students but also the staff and external parties, the project successfully spread the spirit to the surrounding residents.


  • World Tourism Day: broadened the branding of RMIT THM Club to RMIT Student Chapter of Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)


Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Anh (President, 2021)

"I have joined the club since the first semester, and THM has become the place not only for gaining comprehensive insights about tourism and hospitality industry through academic training and activities, but also enhancing personal developments such as leadership, communication, and other soft skills. This is also where I meet my reliable teammates, university “homies” and share lovely moments together. To me, THM Club is home. Always have, always will. "

Ms. Bui Kieu Trinh (President, 2020)

"Throughout my journey with the club, I have learnt how to lead, sympathize, and collaborate with different personalities, perspectives, and talents. Additionally, tourism and hospitality knowledge are embedded not only via club activities, but how we share with each other our work and cultural experiences. With the positive and friendly vibe, THM will forever be the place I treasure in RMIT. "

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