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About FinTech Club

RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club is the first student-led FinTech initiative in Vietnam. RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club was formed by RMIT Vietnam students with 1001 interests and passions in Startups, Fintech, Finance, and innovative technology. RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club was launched with the goal to inspire, educate and increase the exposure of people to FinTech and digital disruption via our workshops, meetups, page contents, conferences, boot camps, and events.

We hope to evoke a wave of student-run tech startups in Vietnam by imparting knowledge and skills about fintech’s key elements: business models, products and technology that are changing the financial services industry. Finance is our root, Technology is our weapon, and the passion for Fintech is what RMIT Vietnam FinTech Club lights up the way to empower Vietnamese youngsters. We aim to bring a new breath of fresh air to the RMIT community and beyond.

RMIT FinTech club