Nghe & Share (Episode 2) - Ms Duong Hong Loan & Yasmine Weinhold

Nghe & Share (Episode 2) - Ms Duong Hong Loan & Yasmine Weinhold

“Putting yourself in different contexts lets you explore facets of yourself that you else wouldn’t explore” - Follow Ms Duong Hong Loan, RMIT Vietnam’s former Director, Strategy and External Relations, Government Affairs, and Yasmine Weinhold, an international student from Germany, on their exploration of Hanoi’s Tet traditions and insightful discussions on adapting into different environments.

Tet is a special celebration that highlights the quintessential Vietnamese culture. From decorating the house to welcome hopes and blessings for a brand new year, to coming together to reflect on the past and honour ancestors, each Tet ritual reflects Vietnam’s deep sense of family, unity, and traditions. 

As leaders of tomorrow’s world, RMIT students are encouraged not only to innovate and move forward but also to value the past and uphold traditions.  

In whatever culture, respect is the key. Each of you brings in your own set of skills and different cultural values [to your team]. Being a leader, you have to respect them all and make the best out of the cultural diversity.

In this episode, let’s join Ms Loan and Yasmine on their visit to Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam and the land of heritage – and unfold the conversation about heritage and culture while performing a special Tet ritual and enjoying the festive atmosphere. During this cultural exploration, they also share their unique experiences in immersing and adapting leadership styles within different contexts.  

Tune in, sit back, and learn how cultural respect, personal perseverance, and leadership can complement and empower you to become empathetic and adaptive global citizens.   

Nghe & Share, produced by RMIT Vietnam, is a talk-show series pairing an identified leader with an RMIT student to connect informally over a quintessential Vietnamese activity while chatting about leadership. ‘Nghe’ is a Vietnamese word, that means listening. This reflects the concept of a conversation between two leaders unfolding in each episode.


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