Nghe & Share (Episode 1) - Professor Claire Macken & Rina Nguyen

Nghe & Share (Episode 1) - Professor Claire Macken & Rina Nguyen

“I have many strong women in my life, and they’re my mentors and inspiration.” - Join Professor Clair Macken, RMIT Vietnam Pro Vice Chancellor, and Rina as they reflect on the multidimensions of women's leadership on a very special occasion - Vietnamese Women’s Day.

Since the Trung Sisters’ time, Ao Dai has evolved through different shapes and forms to become the proud embodiment of Vietnamese women’s poise and beauty. Worn by prominent female leadership figures and unsung everyday heroes, the evolvement of Ao Dai reflects Vietnamese women’s resilience and strengths throughout history.  

As a female leader, you have to be authentic, know your own strengths, and really focus on how you can lead in the way that is unique to you.

In this very first Nghe & Share episode, Professor Claire Macken, RMIT Vietnam Pro Vice Chancellor, and Rina Nguyen, Digital Marketing student, and cultural enthusiast, learn about the rich history and significance of Ao Dai in celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day. During this cultural venture, they get to share insightful stories about female leadership, self-worth, and women’s support for each other.  

Join Professor Macken and Rina in celebration of the strong women who inspire us while learning more about women’s empowerment to shine through your way in the world as a future leader.  

Nghe & Share, produced by RMIT Vietnam, is a talk-show series pairing an identified leader with an RMIT student to connect informally over a quintessential Vietnamese activity while chatting about leadership. ‘Nghe’ is a Vietnamese word, that means listening. This reflects the concept of a conversation between two leaders unfolding in each episode.


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