How My Journey Started episode 2: Resilience is key

How My Journey Started episode 2: Resilience is key

What about resilience that has been so crucial to Hong An since graduating from RMIT Vietnam in 2019, and how has she been navigating her journey while getting an MBA and finding a job abroad? Tune in and find out.

If you see challenges, don’t be afraid to overcome them. Always be confident, and everything will be alright.

Getting her offer as a graphic designer with RMIT Vietnam before her graduation in 2019, Do Quy Hong An was “all set” for her next chapter into the professional world. While she loved the work, the familiarity, and the community at her alma mater, Hong An felt like she had not really stepped out of her comfort zone.  

The urge to experience new environments and take on new challenges led her to take a scholarship offer for an MBA program in Singapore. Switching from creative to the corporate world was a bold move, but An was determined to expand her horizon and planned to experience the new field after completing her degree. And then, COVID-19 hit.  

“Finding jobs with my MBA during that time was very difficult,” Hong An looked back. After a long waiting time, Hong An got an offer – a graphic designer position with a global digital media agency in Singapore. “The profession must have chosen me then”, An looked back.  

Now a senior graphic designer and project manager working remotely from Ho Chi Minh city, An handles demanding clients and projects from all over the world. This is no easy feat, but from all the ups and downs along her journey, Hong An learned that resilience is her strength.  

I learned how to be calm […] Because I am calm when I talk to my clients, they really appreciate that. That’s the thing that makes me stand out from other designers.  

Listen to An’s story of growth and resilience in this episode of How My Journey Started and set out for your own journey beyond RMIT. 

How My Journey Started Podcast is a special tribute for our Class of 2024 upon their graduation and anyone starting their career journeys. The podcast series invites you to go onboard and explore inspiring stories of RMIT alumni navigating their world after graduation. Whether to start a new job, get a new degree, or find one’s passion, our graduates have a strong foundation and confidence to thrive on their own pathways.  

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