How My Journey Started episode 1: Being a global freelancer

How My Journey Started episode 1: Being a global freelancer

Tune in and join the RMIT Class of 2023's Gia Han as she unveils the triumphs and lessons from her journey as a freelancer and working remotely for a New York-based startup since graduation.

Enjoy the journey, because every challenge will bring you closer to success

Having worked multiple volunteering jobs since her freshman year, Hong Gia Han did not find the prospect of transitioning to the professional world as daunting when she graduated from RMIT Vietnam in 2023. If anything, she was excited about the possibilities and adventures ahead. 

Setting her heart and mind on going her own unique way, Gia Han thrives at unconventional opportunities. Through an RMIT connection, she is now working remotely for a tech startup in New York City while setting up her freelancing ventures and startup in Ho Chi Minh City. 

However, being a global freelancer is not always smooth sailing, Gia Han admitted. Getting used to a “remote” working style, handling different clients, or balancing her finances to fund new projects are all valuable lessons Gia Han has gained along her journey.  

I really have to understand myself to understand my ability, my strengths and weaknesses, so when I negotiate with my employers, I know what I need and what I can offer them. 

Tune in to Han’s valuable insights and be inspired to pave your own journey with the first episode of the How My Journey Started.

How My Journey Started Podcast is a special tribute for our Class of 2024 upon their graduation and anyone starting their career journeys. The podcast series invites you to go onboard and explore inspiring stories of RMIT alumni navigating their world after graduation. Whether to start a new job, get a new degree, or find one’s passion, our graduates have a strong foundation and confidence to thrive on their own pathways.

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