Café VC - RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Alec Cameron & Minh Nguyen

Café VC - RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Alec Cameron & Minh Nguyen

“Life is all about purpose, [...] and most purposes are about what we can do for other people.” - Join Professor Alec Cameron, RMIT Vice-Chancellor and President, and Minh for a reflective, cultural treat: having an insightful leader-to-leader talk over street-style Vietnamese coffee.

While coffee is, rather, a practical and quick drink in other parts of the world, in Vietnam, it is truly a way of life. From sidewalk stands to boutique shops, from the plain iced black coffee to the fancier latte, everyone has their own unique way of enjoying it. But Vietnamese people can all agree, good talks come over coffee, and those good talks can last hours.  

In his second visit to RMIT Vietnam Saigon South campus, Professor Cameron had the chance to learn more about the Vietnamese culture through his first street-style coffee experience while giving his cultural guide – Minh Nguyen, a Professional Communications major and student leader, some valuable insights about what it takes to be an adaptive leader.  

There will be values that are truly important to you to retain in life, and you will get the opportunity to supplement those with different experiences here [at RMIT and in the future] which will broaden and enrich your life, enabling you to adapt.  

For Professor Cameron, if he could describe his leadership style in terms of coffee, it would be something with consistency and integrity, delivering its promises with every order. For Minh, it would be cà phê sữa đá - Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk - representing her strive to balance between principle (bitterness) with empathy and gratitude (sweetness).  

So, do you lead like how you enjoy your coffee? Sit back, relax, and venture through this reflective exchange over some authentic, Vietnamese street-style coffee.


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