Livestream: Decode the secrets of mental wellbeing

Join our livestream to identify mental health red flags and learn more about how to cope with the mental health challenges commonly encountered by parents and high school students.

According to the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), there were about 3 million young people in Vietnam with mental health problems in 2018. 2.3% of them committed suicide. While the latest numbers are not yet available, these numbers are enough to startle us.

To learn more about the mental health challenges that teenagers and parents commonly face, register for "Decode the secrets of mental wellbeing" this April. Two counsellors from RMIT will be there to explain:

  • Common mental health challenges that students may face
  • Mental health care for students
  • How parents can take care of their own mental health
  • How RMIT supports student mental health and wellbeing


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