Nguyen Vu Hong Thai

a headshot photo of Nguyen Vu Hong Thai
School: School of Business & Management 
Department: Economics & Finance
Position: Associate Professor
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Phone: 02836223605

Dr Thai Nguyen was a strategist at HSBC Bank before joining academia. His research interests include monetary policies, banking performance, financial technology and cryptocurrencies. 

BA (Hons), PhD

Finance and Economics

Monetary policy, banking, cryptocurrencies

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  • Euro 3,000 from The Regional Science Association International for the Nurturing Talent 2020 Workshop at 17th The Pacific Science Conference Organization (PRSCO) Summer Institute, 2020
  • $30,000 from Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology for the project “Does financial inclusion promote business innovation?”, 2017-2019
  • $10,000 from VinaCapital for the project “Vietnamese State-Owned Enterprises equitization”, 2018

Currently supervising 3 HDR

  • College of Business Research Excellence Award 2018 – Early Career Researcher

  • College of Business Research Excellence Award 2020 – Research Impact

HSBC Bank strategist