Nguyen Chau Trinh

School: The Business School
Department: Economics & Finance
Position: Research Fellow
Location: RMIT Saigon South
ORCID: 0000-0003-1371-1509

Trinh was working as a program manager (Business and Management) at Ha Tinh University between 2010-2017. During his time working as a program manager, he collaborated with colleagues to develop and improve teaching and learning curriculums, and to improve students' learning experience, who also engaged industry into their program development approach to enhance the employability of students.

  • Ph.D. in Economics
  • Master of Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics

Economics and Finance

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Business
  • Development Economics
  • Agricultural and Resource Economics
  • Climate Change Economics
  • Impact Evaluation
  • Nguyen, C.T. and Frank Scrimgeour. “Measuring the Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture in Vietnam: A Panel Ricardian Analysis.” Agricultural Economics 53.1 (2022). doi:
  • Nguyen, C.T. and Frank Scrimgeour. “Productivity Impacts of Hybrid Rice Seeds in Vietnam.” Journal of Agricultural Economics 73.2 (2022). doi:
  • Nguyen, C.T. and Scrimgeour, F. (2019). Heterogeneous Impacts of Climate Change–The Ricardian Approach Using Vietnam Micro-Level Panel Data. Paper presented at the New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society, Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • 2019 Flower Agribusiness Conference Participation Award (New Zealand)
  • 2019. Best Paper Award. New Zealand Agricultural and Resource Economics Society
  • Senior quantitative analyst and consultant for Standard of Proof in New Zealand in 2022. Standard of Proof is an independent evaluation organization working for the New Zealand public sector, based in Wellington.
    They provided research and evaluations of development programs using quantitative data and methods.
  • Business analyst and consultant for Ha Tinh Small and Medium Enterprise Association between 2009 and 2017.
    He provided lectures for business start-ups, conducted case business reports as requested by clients, including market and product reports, financial report and modelling. In addition, he cooperated with business owners to develop business analysis system and practices.
  • 08/2022 - Present: RMIT University Vietnam (Research Fellow)
  • 01/2022 – 07/2022: Standard of Proof (Senior Quantitative Analyst and Research Consultant)
  • 11/2006 – 9/2017: Ha Tinh University (Program manager – Business and Management)
  • 08/2009 – 9/2017: Ha Tinh Small and Medium Enterprises Association (Business Consultant)
  • 12/2005 – 7/2006: Da Nang Department of  Agriculture and Rural Development (Business Analyst)