Rajkishore Nayak

SCD Nayak Rajkishore
School: School of Communication & Design
Department: Fashion Merchandising
Position: Associate Professor
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Email: rajkishore.nayak@rmit.edu.vn
ORCID: 0000-0002-3510-7305

Associate Professor Rajkishore Nayak's teaching and research areas focus on sustainability in fashion and textiles, sustainable developments, corporate social responsibility, circular fashion, new and advanced materials. In his previous role, he was involved in teaching and research at RMIT University Australia accomplishing several research projects with commercial success.

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Meet Our Expert – Associate Professor Rajkishore Nayak

As a researcher in sustainable fashion, Associate Professor Rajkishore Nayak is passionate about finding solutions for the triple bottom line of sustainability – people, planet and profit.

Academic Degrees

  • PhD (Fashion & Textiles), RMIT University Melbourne, Australia 
  • M Tech (Fashion & Textiles), MD University, Haryana, India 
  • B Tech (Fashion & Textiles), Utkal University, Odisha, India


Certificate Courses

  • Pattern making and grading (manual); 
  • Virtual prototyping (CLO), 
  • Garment sewing equipment, 
  • Lectra pattern making and grading, 
  • Adobe Illustrator, 
  • Swimwear and Lingerie

  • Sustainable fashion and textiles 
  • Fashion product specification 
  • Sustainable supply chain 
  • Automation & AI 
  • Sustainability compliance 
  • Merchandise maths and planning 
  • Fashion logistics 
  • Circular economy models 
  • Apparel design technology 
  • Quality assurance 
  • Research methods

  • Fashion sustainability 
  • Green logistics 
  • AI and advanced technology 
  • Fashion and textile recycling 
  • Ethical fashion and consumerism 
  • Apparel technology 
  • Human and environment 
  • Corporate social responsibility 
  • Sustainable developments

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  • Material futures: experimental fabrication of bacterial cellulose as a potential biomaterial, Internal Research Grant-IRG1/2022, RMIT University Vietnam, amount 193,000,000 VND
  • An investigation of stakeholders' perceptions to adopt blockchain-based traceability technology in the fruit supply chain in Vietnam, Internal Research Grant-IRG1/2021, RMIT University Vietnam, amount 426,000,000 VND
  • Sustainability through RFID technology in Vietnamese fashion and textile supply chains, Internal Research Grant-IRG2/2020, RMIT University Vietnam, amount US$6948
  • Barriers and motivational factors in career advancements of female employees in Vietnamese universities: An empirical study; Internal Research Grant-IRG7/2019, RMIT University Vietnam, amount US$5550
  • Sustainable practices in Vietnamese fashion and textile industries; Internal Research Grant-IRG9/2018, RMIT University Vietnam, amount US$4180
  • Sustainable reuse of fashion waste in FR mattress manufacturing, External research funding, Tontine industry, 2012, amount $30,000 AUD
  • All India Council for Technical Education, Govt. of India, New Delhi funding project for “Comfort and handle properties of fabrics produced from Khadi, Handloom and Mill sectors” under AICTE_RPS grant (File No. 8023/RID/BOR/RPS-143/2005-06), amount 1.5 mn INR

  • 2 PhD Completions 
  • 2 PhD Current Supervisions 
  • 4 Masters by Research Completions

  • RMIT University Student-led Teacher’s Award, 2021
  • RMIT University Excellence in Learning & Teaching Award, 2019
  • RMIT University Research Excellence Award (Team), 2015
  • RMIT University Higher Degrees by Research Award for Learning & Teaching, 2012
  • RMIT University International Scholarship (RUIS), 2008.
  • Gold medalist in graduation and Year 12

  • Product Development Engineer, Bruck Textiles, Australia
  • Junior merchandiser at KBSH, New Delhi, India