Hung Nguyen

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School: The Business School
Department: Business Innovation
Position: Senior Lecturer
Location: RMIT Hanoi
ORCID: 0000-0001-9401-2819

Research and Teaching (The Business School) at RMIT University, Vietnam. His teaching areas include Management of Information Systems, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management. 

  • Ph.D. in Operations Management

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chains and logistics
  • Manufacturing and agriculture sustainability 

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  • CSIRO-RMIT grant on plastic reductions - $20,400

  • 2 PhD Current Supervisions

  • RMIT Research Award Impact 2023

  • Training consultant for more than 200 middle and top executives in Vietnam Airlines, Petro Vietnam, Vina coal, Shell, Diethelm, Vifon etc. 
  • Consultant for the UNESCAP-GTZ project on export promotion and development plan for SMEs in HCMC.

  • RMIT University