Our education

RMIT makes a difference to the lives of our students, our staff and our community through our educational programs.

The degree you will receive after successful completion of your studies in Vietnam is a global RMIT University degree.

At RMIT Vietnam, a team of qualified, experienced academic staff work in collaboration with colleagues in Melbourne to customise the materials that are prepared in Melbourne for delivery in Vietnam, and to facilitate the teaching and learning processes at RMIT Vietnam. RMIT Vietnam academic staff receive ongoing professional development as part of their employment.



Teaching and learning

RMIT Vietnam is committed to providing a transformative student experience through inclusive teaching and interactive, student-centred learning.

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Global outlook

As one of the world's most globalised universities, RMIT is committed to providing students with the learning, teaching and research training to excel in an open world economy.

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Building entrepreneurial talent

Entrepreneurial skills are vital in today’s changing world of work.

At RMIT we understand the importance of equipping students with real-world experiences and the skills to succeed in a rapidly evolving world.