Farida Kbar

SCD Farida Kbar
School: School of Communication & Design
Department: Professional Communication
Position: Senior Program Manager
Location: RMIT Saigon South
Email: farida.kbar@rmit.edu.vn
Phone: Skype: (84-28) 36223697 / Mobile: (84-96) 5465704

Farida Kbar has over 25 years’ experience in helping brands develop, execute, and implement their communications strategies in global advertising agencies and in her own award-winning US-based agency. She taught in different US-based universities including Columbia University (NY), University of Miami, and Miami International University of Art and Design before joining RMIT’s Department of Professional Communication in June 2018.

  • Ph.D. (1994) from Columbia University (NY, USA) in Psychometrics
  • M.Phil. (1991) from Columbia University (NY, USA) in Psychometrics
  • M.A. (1987) from the American University of Beirut (BEY, LEB) in Educational Psychology
  • Teaching Diploma (1987) from the American University of Beirut (BEY, LEB) in Mathematics
  • B.S. (1984) from the American University of Beirut (BEY, LEB) in Mathematics


Client Management, Contemporary Research, Advertising Media, Consumer Behaviour, Account Planning, Principles of Market Research, Media Planning

Brand Equity, Consumer Research, New Product Development, Brand Alliances, Brand Sponsorships

  • Stability of brand measurements: Respondent-level volatility (Sole Author, Internal Report, 2001). This research was performed on Y&R BAV data to understand how to move from aggregate responses to individual responses and eliminate volatility using Monte-Carlo simulations. The results of this research were used in future BAV studies where focus on individuals and one-to-one communication were developed.
  • Brand Asset Valuator in action: Parent and child brand management (Sole Author, Internal Report, 2002). In this research, the relationship between brands and sub-brands and what they give each other in terms of equity in different low-involvement and high-involvement categories and various current brand architectures were analysed. The results of this research helped our clients at Y&R when launching new sub-brands.
  • Citibank brand equity across Latin America (Sole Author, Commissioned Report, 2004). This research analysed all available data for Citibank and its competitors in Latin America and provided the Y&R client with a regional and country-by-country strategic action plan to reach and engage their current and desired targets.
  • Godiva & coffee: Brand elasticity (Sole Author, Commissioned, Report, 2005). This research evaluated whether consumers will accept Godiva as a coffee brand: Does it have the points of entry and the points of difference to play in this category? This analysis was performed based on an innovative approach developed byme using Y&R BAV data.
  • Building commercial equity: Retail brands and Colgate-Palmolive brands in Mexico (Team Leader, Commissioned Report, 2005). This research was conducted on behalf of Young & Rubicam’s client, Colgate where they were facing the challenge of store brands and needed to establish the additional value they do bring to the big retailers. The model developed for this research was replicated for other CPG clients of Y&R who were facing the same challenge.
  • The Cingular brand in the Telecommunication brands cape (Team Leader, Commissioned Report, 2005): This research was conducted on behalf of Young & Rubicam’s client, AT&T to evaluate whether to keep the Cingular Brand as a separate brand after they purchased it. After conducting the research, the recommendation was to keep it as the brand had a very strong equity in the mind of its target. AT&T did follow the research recommendation.
  • Banco Uno: Plan Futura – Plan Horizonte as a new brand in Central America (Sole Author, Commissioned Report, 2006). Secondary and Qualitative Research were conducted to understand the consumer in Central America and results were used to develop the assets of a new brand with a new offering.
  • Delta Air Lines qualitative research results: UK, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil (Team Leader, Commissioned Report, 2007). Qualitative research was conducted to understand whether Delta Air Lines can connect with travellers with one message all over the world. The short answer was: The insight was universal; however, the brand was in so many different levels of brand development so the message could not be delivered the same way.
  • The link between brand and business performance in Mexico: The lead-lag analysis (Sole Author, Commissioned Report, 2008). As Visa was getting ready to move to a public company, I worked on developing models to provide the monetary value for the brand using the marketing and brand equity measures provided by the client.
  • Delta Air Lines advertising effectiveness study among US Hispanics (Sole Author, Commissioned Report, 2013). This quantitative research was conducted to understand the brand  equity and its communication performance among US Hispanics and based on the report, adjustments to the strategy and the communication were performed.
  • Study results of travel agencies in Central America (Sole Author, Commissioned Report, 2015). This research was conducted to understand this specific target group as no other research was available for our DKP client, Delta Air Lines. Based on the results, we were able to develop an IMC that targeted them successfully
  • Delta research report among USH in LA: DL/AM partnership analysis (Team Leader, Commissioned Report, 2016). This qualitative/quantitative research was conducted to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each of these leaders and what they bring to the alliance in the minds, hearts, and wallets of the consumers.
  • Millennials and legacy brands (Team Leader, Internal Report, 2016). This qualitative research was conducted to understand how legacy brands like our DKP client Delta can engage millennials. Based on the results, the strategic plan for the brand was developed and implemented.

  • Charles, Alicia, and Jonathan J. Felix. Digital media skills training with Social Justice Foundation (2018), Inter-American Development Bank and Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Planning and Development, $54K USD Grant ● Link: https://technewstt.com/pr-global-skills-awards/


  • Over ten years operating and managing own agency in Miami as Chief Brand Officer and Partner (Diego+ Kbar + Partners, from 2005 to 2018)
  •  Over 10 years working as part of the planning and management team at Young & Rubicam, one of the largest communications agencies in the world (last title: Chief Operating Officer, The Knowledge Group, from 1994 to 2005)

RMIT Vietnam 2018- Present

  • Sr. Program Manager, Professional Communication (October 2019- Present)
  • Lecturer & Advertising Stream Lead (June 2018- October 2019)

DIEGO+KBAR+PARTNERS (July 2005-March 2018)

Chief Brand Officer and Partner - Miami

Young & Rubicam 1996-2005

  • Chief Operating Officer, The Knowledge Group - New York City (Jan 2005-July 2005) Key Global Clients: Colgate, Mastercard, Microsoft, Yahoo!
  • Senior Vice President, Regional Research and Planning Director for Latin America- Miami (2000-Jan 2005) - Key Regional Clients: ChevronTexaco, Colgate, Danone, Kraft, Telefonica
  • Director of Consumer Insights, Mexico – Mexico City (2004) - Key Local Clients: Avon, Bimbo, Lincoln Mercury, Mexico Department of Tourism
  • Director of Consumer Insights, Brazil- Sao Paulo (2003)
  • Director of Global Quantitative Research/Analyses – New York City (1996 – 2000)

Columbia University 1995-1996

Assistant Director, Planning and Institutional Research – New York City

Young & Rubicam 1994-1995

Consumer Research Supervisor – New York City

Donelley Marketing 1992-1993

Senior Research Consultant in the Department of Information Services - Stamford, CT

THE American University of Beirut 1986-1988

Career Counselor and Director of the Department of Documentation at the Career Guidance Center- Beirut, Lebanon

THE Ahliah School 1981-1986

Math Teacher – Beirut, Lebanon

Statistical Consultant

Served as a statistical consultant for different academic and non-academic institutions such as Lehman College (1994), Barnard College (1991-1994), Teachers College (1990-1991), and DMB&B (1990).

Adjunct Faculty

Taught courses in advertising, research and statistical methodologies for different audiences

  • Miami International University of Art & Design (2008-2010) School of Advertising: Consumer Behavior, Account Planning, Principles of Market Research, Media Planning
  • University of Miami (2002) Business School: Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice, New York (1990) : Department of Education: Research Methods
  • Teachers College, Columbia University, New York (1989-2000): Department of Statistics, Measurement, and Evaluation: Probability and Inferential Statistics, Basic Concepts in Statistics, Applied Regression Analysis
  • Hunter College, New York (1992) Department of Education: Educational Evaluation
  • New York University, New York (1990) Department of Nursing: Statistics in Education
  • Barnard College, Columbia University, New York (1989-1991): Elementary Education