Seng Kiat Kok

SBM Seng Kok
School: The Business School
Department: Office of The Business School
Position: Deputy Dean, Learning & Teaching 
Location: RMIT Saigon South

Seng has previously taught on and managed academic programs in the UK, Malaysia and Sri Lanka and has worked with a number of professional bodies  during his career. He is research active in the fields of management science, higher education management, entrepreneurship and tourism.


Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Research Methods, Project Management, PhD and DBA supervision.

management science (public and private sector) higher education management, entrepreneurship and tourism

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  • Kok, S. K., & McDonald, C. (2015). Underpinning excellence in higher education – an investigation into the leadership, governance and management behaviours of high- performing academic departments. Studies in Higher Education. doi:10.1080/03075079.2015.1036849 

  • Project Researcher - HEFCE Underpinning Excellence Project LGM-179 20102012£279,000
  • Principal Investigator - Advanced HE, formerly HEA. Teaching Excellence Project - Jan 2014 April 2014 - £450
  • Principal Investigator - Brook Advisory Service and Comic ReliefStakeholder impact. A review of the successfulness of interventions in different wards - October 2015  March 2016 - £3,210

Completed supervisions

  • PhD 2019 Wael Al Karaki An Assessment of the Critical Success Factors in Respect of TQM Implementation and its Effects on Performance: The case of the Jordanian Service Sector
  • PhD2018 King Thian MahFeed-in Tariff for renewable energy from palm oil wastes: What Malaysia should do and not do?
  • PhD2018 Salimatu Kah An investigation into performance measurement in social enterprises in the UK
  • PhD 2017 Fuangfa Panya Coaching practices within three Small Medium
  • Enterprises inThailand
  • DBA 2017 Farrah Anne Robert Assessment of Student Attitudes to Higher Education Service Measures – The Development of a Framework for Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) in Malaysia 
  • PhD 2017 Brian Gibbs An Insider research into the changing role of the management accountant during organisational change 
  • PhD 2015 Farag Edghiem The Nature and Impact of Service Employees’  Innovative Behaviour; a personal-interactive services perspective. 

Currently supervising 2 candidates 

  • Commended Publication in 2019 Emerald Literati Awards. Amazing Teacher Undergraduate Award 2016
  • Amazing Course Team 2016
  • Amazing Personal Tutor Award 2016
  • Finalist Amazing Personal Tutor 2014
  • Winner of Amazing Course Team 2012

10+ year in academia, consultancy, business development, training and coaching

  • Programme Leader BA Business Management, LJMU 2017-2020
  • Senior Lecturer. LJMU 2012-2017
  • Lead Project Investigator, Durham University  2010-2012