Quality assurance

RMIT Vietnam seeks to apply modern quality management and quality assurance principles and processes to all of its operations.

RMIT Vietnam is subject to a five-year audit cycle by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQUA), an independent agency created to monitor and report on the quality standards and practices of Australian universities operating both in Australia and overseas.

The most recent AUQUA quality review of RMIT Vietnam was conducted in March 2009.

Academic programs at RMIT Vietnam operate to quality standards which aim to ensure an equivalence of educational outcome with students undertaking the same programs at RMIT University in Melbourne.

To monitor the quality of programs and services, RMIT conducts two major surveys each year: a general Student Experience Survey, once a year, and a more specific Course Experience Survey, three times a year.

A priority for RMIT Vietnam is to manage rapid growth while maintaining the quality of its educational programs.

One of the keys to achieving a high quality of learning and teaching is through ensuring high levels of staff training, qualifications and commitment.

RMIT Vietnam academic staff need to demonstrate that they are highly capable in their fields, and are committed to working collaboratively to achieve a shared educational vision.

The university’s clear strategy to recruit and retain good staff is an important component of this.

RMIT Vietnam’s needs for quality staff and systems continue to evolve with the developing needs of Vietnam and the region.

It is envisaged that, over time, there will be a full range of academic staff at all levels from Teaching Assistants through to Emeritus Professors, teaching and researching to help achieve successful outcomes for students.

The pursuit of quality in staff and student performance is supported by the provision of quality facilities and resources.

Refer also to information about campus facilities at both locations, and expansion of Saigon South campus, for further detail on this aspect of quality performance.