Joint Customs Middle Management Program (JCMMP)

What is the JCMMP?

JCMMP 2021 was an innovative opportunity for emerging Customs leaders in ASEAN and Australia to strengthen their leadership, build their networks and finetune their future readiness.

In 2021, the 5th annual JCMMP was jointly delivered by the Australian Border Force, the ASEAN Secretariat and RMIT University.


The global Customs landscape is constantly changing.  Facilitating the safe, secure and legitimate movement of goods across international borders requires quality Customs leadership.  Launched in ASEAN, the Joint Customs Middle Management Program (JCMMP) has become a highly respected training opportunity for future ASEAN Customs leaders.

Who are the JCMMP Partners?

JCMMP 2021 involved a partnership between the Australian Border Force, the ASEAN Secretariat and RMIT University.

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JCMMP 2021 strengthens future Customs leaders

The 5th JCMMP equipped future Customs leaders to navigate the increasingly complex Customs environment.

Strengthens legitimate trade and facilitate safe and secure movement of good across borders.

Builds capacity and confidence of emerging Customs leaders in ASEAN.

Enhances people-to-people connections and builds an enduring Customs network.

Provides a platform for sharing best practice, experience and knowledge on Customs matters.

Improves business processes and services to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Progresses legitimate trade in a way that promotes economic recovery.

Contribute to economic cooperation and non-traditional security mechanisms.

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What are the outcomes of JCMMP?

Addressing the theme of 'Realising Our Full Potential', four interactive, online modules provided emerging Customs leaders from ASEAN and Australia with an opportunity to optimise their leadership capacity by exploring themes around adaptive mindsets, innovation, collaboration, future readiness and proactive planning.

JCMMP is a passport to my leadership journey.
Thank you so much for your excellent initiative. JCMMP will make us better leaders and enable us to have better collaboration in the future. 
Of course, this leads to better trade facilitation and border protection.
Leadership courses are everywhere, but JCMMP managed to present leadership in the context of Customs, which is very practical and relevant.
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