Border Control Agency Management Program (BCAMP)

What is BCAMP?

The Border Control Agency Management Program (BCAMP) is a specialised training program for immigration officers from the ASEAN region (including border guards, immigration officers and customs officers). BCAMP focuses on building the skills of and connections between immigration officials to manage safe movement of people across borders and more effectively manage irregular migration issues (including human trafficking, people smuggling, imposters, fake documents, and other aspects of migration crime).

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Since BCAMP commenced in 2010, 25 training programs have been conducted in Vietnam and Cambodia involving almost 500 participants from 12 countries (all ASEAN plus Timor Leste and Australia).

Who are the BCAMP Partners?

BCAMP is a cooperative arrangement between three integral partners:

Home Affairs

BCAMP also values the expert inputs of key stakeholders working on migration related issues, including International Organisation for Migration, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, International Diplomatic Posts, the Australia Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons together with other government, non-government and private sector partners.

BCAMP strengthens border security

BCAMP builds the capacity of immigration officials to lead, manage and engage in change surrounding key issues of migration and people movement.  Participants complete the course with:

Enhanced appreciation of rapid global changes and resulting implications for migration management.

Improved confidence to manage immigration issues.

Enhanced understanding of the ways in which new technologies can influence border control issues.

Sound understanding of the strategic immigration environment including current and emerging issues (such as human trafficking and people smuggling).

Strengthened partnerships and improved cooperation with counterparts at the local, national and international levels.

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What are the outcomes of BCAMP?

In the past ten years, BCAMP has grown to a network of over 500 immigration officers, who continue to actively connect and share immigration-related intelligence to detect and prevent issues relating to international people movement. Through their involvement in the BCAMP network, members regularly intercept cases of human trafficking, imposters, fake documents, people smuggling and other transnational crimes.

Confidence, cooperation, competence and timely border actions (including transnational crime disruptions) are the key outcomes that participants have self-identified as a result of BCAMP.

BCAMP gives me something I didn’t get from any other training – belief in myself and courage to cooperate with others to stop transnational crime at the border.
Each and every immigration officer should join this special course, because in BCAMP you get all the experiences, solutions, and friendship from other countries, in your region or from all over the world which is necessary for improving immigration management and safe borders. And that, you cannot get it from anywhere else. Only BCAMP provides us all of that.
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