Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP)

What is ARLEMP?

The Asia Region Law Enforcement Management Program (ARLEMP) is a training program which aims to enhance the capacity of police to work together to combat transnational crime. From 2004 until 2021, there have been 52 ARLEMP courses attended by over 1000 law enforcement officials (including police, prosecutors, and other government representatives) from 39 countries.

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ARLEMP cultivates a new mindset in a way police approach transnational crime.

ARLEMP involves a practical curriculum focused on management and leadership, global cultural awareness, communication, cooperation and technical law enforcement issues (including Drugs, Human Trafficking, People Smuggling, Money Laundering, Corruption, Fraud, Foreign Bribery, Cyber Crime, Child Sexual Exploitation and Terrorism).

Who are the ARLEMP Partners?

ARLEMP involves a partnership between the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the Vietnam Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and RMIT University Vietnam.

RMIT is committed to the ARLEMP goal of providing long-term sustainable management training to enhance capacity and regional efforts to combat transnational crime.

ARLEMP benefits from specialised contributions from educators and international experts (including high level law enforcement officials, United Nations agencies and private sector experts).

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ARLEMP strengthens efforts to combat transnational crime

Improves cooperation and networking amongst law enforcers and other key stakeholders to combat transnational crime

Expands awareness of the current situation and emerging trends in relation to transnational crime

Encourages a more thoughtful, strategic and collaborative approach to transnational crime

Enhances participants’ management, communication, presentation and technical skills

Exposes participants to global cultural and corporate management themes to develop confidence and competence when conducting operations and investigations

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What are the outcomes of ARLEMP?

In its 17-year history, ARLEMP has achieved outstanding results. Most importantly, ARLEMP graduates have established a strong working network that enables them to rapidly intercept transnational crime.  ARLEMP graduates report they are more confident to conduct investigations, perform management duties, undertake strategic and policy roles and working together with their counterparts in other countries to combat transnational crime. The extensive network of ARLEMP alumni continues to actively exchange information and intelligence to prevent, detect and disrupt transnational crime.

ARLEMP offers a golden opportunity for representatives from Asia and also around the world for exchanging crime information, networking and leadership development.
ARLEMP is the best training for law enforcement agencies in Asia. Many huge transnational crime cases successfully resulted from the trusted connections between the ARLEMP network.
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