ASEAN Customs Strategic Leadership Program

What is the ASEAN Customs SLP?


In February 2023, the ASEAN Customs Capacity Building Working Group committed to enhance strategic leadership and human resource management training for emerging Customs leaders.

Why?  Because People and Strategy are two of the most essential keys to successful Customs management. But, strategic management and human resource training are not yet mainstreamed in national Customs administrations.  As a result,  the emerging generation of Customs leaders lack confidence and competence to progress their leadership journeys and drive change in their agencies.

48 emerging Customs leaders from all ten ASEAN member countries joined the inaugural ASEAN Customs Strategic Leadership Program (ASEAN Customs SLP) in July 2023.

Who are the ASEAN Customs SLP Partners?

The ASEAN Customs SLP was hosted by the Australian Border Force in partnership with the ASEAN Secretariat and RMIT University.

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What are the outcomes of the ASEAN Customs SLP?

The ASEAN Customs SLP empowers regional Customs leaders to: 

  • Build strategic leadership competencies
  • Enhance human resource management with a focus on investing in people
  • Cultivate regional Customs partnerships
  • Strengthen readiness to lead in the future Customs landscape



The ASEAN Customs SLP has been a transformative experience for me, and I believe it will greatly benefit us to strengthen our leadership capabilities and make valuable connections that will propel our careers and Customs operations to new heights.’
I cannot describe my feelings. But I just want to say that this is a really brilliant and very awesome program.


Strategic Leadership and Human Resource Management felt out of my reach before.  This program made me brave to explore topics outside of my comfort zone, but now they feel possible and I’m ready to start.
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