Mekong Customs Administrations Management Program

What is MECAMP?


The Mekong Customs Administrations Management Program (MECAMP) is a specialised training program for emerging Customs leaders in the Mekong Subregion and strategic neighbouring countries, including, Cambodia, Lap PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Australia. MECAMP is focused on building future-readiness and preparing emerging Customs leaders to understand and positively shape the future Customs landscape.

Who are the MECAMP Partners?

MECAMP is a partnership between the Australian Border Force, the ASEAN Secretariat and RMIT University.  MECAMP 2023 was co-hosted by the Cambodia General Department of Customs and Excise.

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What are the outcomes of MECAMP?

MECAMP prepares the emerging generation of regional Customs leaders to: 

  • Advance regional economic integration through trade facilitation
  • Safeguard national and regional security
  • Prevent the threats associated with transnational crime in the international supply chain
MECAMP is an exceptional platform that not only motivates individuals, but also connects them to a wealth of information through its network. Programs like MECAMP have a noble duty to work towards protecting the global community. Bravo MECAMP!
MECAMP has given me the toolkit to be a better leader: being adaptive, innovative, future-ready, shining like a diamond in my leadership growth. But more than that, MECAMP has given me a family that empowers me!
MECAMP was an eye opening and life changing experience for me.
I believe that I grew so much, and I am a better person because of MECAMP.
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