How to apply to transfer to Melbourne

Transferring to RMIT Melbourne has a unique registration and application process. It’s important that you take the time to research and seek advice before you begin the application process.

  • Semester 1 (starting in February): 1 October to 1 December (the year before starting to transfer)
  • Semester 2 (starting in July): 15 February to 1 May (the same year with the transfer year)


  • Remember to check the information HERE whether your program will be offered in your preferred intake. 
  • Late applications might be rejected or might cause a delay in the application assessment and visa process. 

1. Research your intended program at RMIT Melbourne

  • Eligibility
  • Program structure and course syllabus, program fee
  • Deadline for application

Useful links:

2. Prepare your documents (in soft copies)

Note: Students who have got visa refused to Australia or other countries or from specific countries/ regions may have to submit a Statement of Purpose form in the application.

3. Apply online via the Studylink Portal

RMIT Vietnam's Admissions Office will submit an online application to RMIT Melbourne via the Studylink Portal on your behalf.

4. Accept the Offer Letter from RMIT Melbourne

  • The International Office ( will inform you of your application outcome 
  • Accept the offer by making payments to RMIT Melbourne via Western Union
    • OSHC - Overseas Student Health Cover: compulsory for all international students who apply to study in Australia
    • Tuition fee deposit: One semester’s tuition fee of the chosen program at RMIT Melbourne
    • Details of bank account of RMIT Melbourne's shall be sent to you by RMIT International Office after you receive and accept the Offer Letter.
  • Students to send the payment confirmation to so we can help you with accepting the offer on Studylink Portal

5. Receive the eCoE - Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment

  • After accepting the Offer Letter, an Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) is sent from RMIT Melbourne within 2-3 working days (unconditional Offer Letter)
  • For conditional Offer Letters (if students have yet to meet all the entry requirements to study at RMIT Melbourne), Admissions at RMIT Vietnam will apply for a conditional eCoE on the student’s behalf

6. Apply for a Student visa

After your eCoE is issued, RMIT International Office shall continue to help you with your visa application.

For cross-campus students applying for a transfer, you can apply for your student visa while in Australia, the process for lodging your online visa application is similar as when you apply for your student visa for cross-campus exchange. At the 2nd time of visa application, you might not be required to have a health check or provide your biometrics.

For students currently studying at RMIT Vietnam, besides the above-mentioned fees including OSHC health cover and tuition fee deposit - equal to the 1st semester’s tuition fee at RMIT Melbourne, you also have to prepare for your student visa application:

  • Health-check fee: ~2,300,000 VND (~135 AUD)
  • Visa fee (to be paid immediately via credit/ debit card when submitting the online visa application form): ~620 AUD+ (you also bear the currency conversion costs and international transfer surcharges)
  • Biometrics fee at VFS Ho Chi Minh / Hanoi: ~500,000 VND (~30 AUD)

You can refer to following links:

7. Pre-departure and enrolment at RMIT Melbourne

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