Global Business Forum 2023

Event overview​

Factors of production (FoP) in global business operations include land, labour, and capital (Dean and Kretschmer, 2007), with productive entrepreneurship and human creativity being crucial complements (Eliasson and Henrekson, 2004). The 2023 Global Business Forum will present interesting facets of the sustainable foreign direct investment (FDI) area in the context of Vietnam: opportunities and challenges in attracting quality FDI, resources management, and foreign companies’ adaptation when doing business in the Vietnamese environment. The visual summary below (Figure 1) shows that the forum will feature presentations and discussions from international model companies and experts.

FDI is crucially growing through the establishment of industrial parks (HVACR Vietnam, 2022). Several multinational enterprises (MNEs), including Germany’s Fuchs Group, Framas, LOGOS and Manulife, South Korea’s Samsung Group, and Denmark’s LEGO Group, have engaged in such investment in various parts of the nation (HVACR Vietnam, 2022). The LEGO Group invested 1.3 billion US dollars in Binh Duong (HVACR Vietnam, 2022). LEGO’s case is the more remarkable given that it has drawn ‘green’ investment capital, with the current construction of a pioneering carbon-neutral project, the first-ever worldwide (JLL, 2023). However, the significant investments of other MNEs are paving the way for major developments that could further position Vietnam as an attractive FDI destination in the global domain.

Key topics​

Against this background, this year’s Global Business Forum will be organised around the FoP globalisation of Vietnam’s real estate industry with special consideration given to the following themes:​​

  •  The latest developments occurring in the industry with regard to FDI,​
  •  Potential opportunities and challenges, for instance, in drawing quality FDI, and
  •  The future sustainability of the industry to match, adapt, add value, and deliver effectively in a very competitive global real estate industry regarding land management, HR management, capital management, and entrepreneurship.


The forum will provide a platform for global business students, industry experts, industry and government representatives, and university scholars/staff to raise awareness, learn, share knowledge, and discuss contemporary issues associated with a globally recognised and significant industry. The forum will also provide opportunity for discussions, student engagement, and building stronger university-industry rapports.

Who should attend?​

  • Representatives of well-known businesses
  • RMIT students​
  • RMIT staff and researchers​
  • Media

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