RMIT fashion graduate looking to recycle textiles

RMIT fashion graduate looking to recycle textiles

To make the university life enjoyable and fulfilling, a fashion graduate found the importance of community contribution and the value of early work experience while studying.

Before receiving his Bachelor of Fashion (Merchandise Management) degree (with distinction) at the recent graduation ceremony, Nguyen Huu Tho became a marketing executive for a major garment factory that is exporting hundreds of thousands of products a month to countries around the world.

news-1-rmit-fashion-graduate-looking-to-recycle-textiles Fashion graduate Nguyen Huu Tho received his degree in Bachelor of Fashion (Merchandise Management) with distinction at the graduation ceremony in Ho Chi Minh City.

The fresh graduate said he is so blessed to work in his favourite field and create an impact.

“My mission is to develop a rebranding strategy that works with my company, where I am trying to impact our people, our community, and the world,” Tho said.

“Reducing environmental pollution and achieving sustainability are the key factors of our business operations and I am proud to help my company become more sustainable by reducing air, water, and plastic pollution, as well as energy consumption.”

“There are many challenges every day, but this has taught me to become stronger and resilient.”

news-2-rmit-fashion-graduate-looking-to-recycle-textiles Tho (pictured, in the middle) received the Medal of Fashion for his excellent academic achievement and community contribution.

Tho emphasises that the last four years at RMIT, including the time spent in the English program, transformed his life in unbelievable ways.

“Starting my journey at RMIT in the English program, I not only learned the necessary language skills, but also how to study successfully in a university environment, including writing reports, developing critical thinking skills, honing my presentation techniques, and many more,” Tho said.

“I discovered many things from joining networking events, the fashion showcase, and guest talks, where I learned about human behaviour and persuasion skills.”

news-3-rmit-fashion-graduate-looking-to-recycle-textiles Tho participated in the Fashion Mini Showcase in 2018.

As a second-year student, Tho received the Medal of Fashion thanks to his excellent academic achievement and community contribution.

“It was an honour for me to receive the Medal of Fashion in 2017,” Tho said.

“To reduce littering in the country, I volunteered for community clean-up day activities,” he said. “I also supported other charity activities, including bringing food and visiting homeless older people.”

Tho said that his study life was more meaningful when he could share what he knows to his university peers.

“I love sharing what I know with people around me,” he said.

“For nearly two years as a program tutor, I used my knowledge to support many of my classmates to achieve better academic results,” he added. “I also helped other students improve their curriculum vitae, interview skills, and connect them with the university career’s team.”

Tho recalled his determination to study fashion and is excited about where his career path will take him.

“I still remember being inspired by RMIT’s fashion lecturers and the knowledge they imparted, including creating fashion collections, sales strategies, marketing, product management, and applying digital tools in fashion,” Tho said.

“Looking to the future, I hope to further raise the awareness of recycling textiles, as this is considered a significant challenge to be addressed as the world strives to move closer to a zero waste society.”

Story: Le Mong Thuy

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