First batch of RMIT Bachelor of Languages graduates

First batch of RMIT Bachelor of Languages graduates

Two of the first graduates with distinction from RMIT’s Bachelor of Languages program said their understanding of languages in different cultural contexts provided them a solid foundation to open the door to many industries.

news-3-first-batch-of-rmit-bachelor-of-languages-graduates RMIT Bachelor of Languages graduate Nguyen Quang Huy said RMIT and the program offered a critical stepping-stone for his future.

A critical stepping stone

Having finished the program in just two and a half years, Nguyen Quang Huy is now the recruitment consultant for Glints, a platform for career development and recruitment.

Huy decided to undertake a Bachelor of Languages degree at RMIT to reinforce his linguistic ability and explore new possibilities for his future career path.

“I used to work while travelling around Australia for four years and realised that language opens doors to many places and professions,” Huy said.

“To me, RMIT and Bachelor of Languages offered a critical stepping-stone for my future as this was where I gained the most interesting and insightful experiences.

“The program helped me obtain a clearer perspective about life and my career path. It also provided me with essential skills for the future.”

While gaining fundamental foundations through practical curricula delivered by experienced educators, Huy took advantage of many opportunities to make the most of his time at university.

“I was the MC and one of the organisers of Translation Day which attracted more than 70 participants from other local universities. We, the Bachelor of Languages students, had great opportunities to showcase our expertise and gain experience with others,” he said.

Huy also acted as the interpreter for RMIT’s former President at a formal event organised by the HCMC Department of Education and Training, and won first place in a book review contest organised by the RMIT Library with a review of They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace, Vietnam and America.

Following graduation, Huy offered advice for his former colleagues and incoming students in the Bachelor of Language program: “never stop cultivating new knowledge and looking for new experiences; when new opportunities arise, you must be ready! 

news-4-first-batch-of-rmit-bachelor-of-languages-graduates RMIT Bachelor of Languages graduate Nguyen Hanh Phuc gradually transformed throughout the degree and shifted from a follower to a leader.

Bring the best out of a timid girl

Nguyen Hanh Phuc called herself an introvert who was not good at communication.

“I studied another program at RMIT and found it was not the right fit for me,” Phuc said.

“As soon as the university opened the new Bachelor of Languages, I switched to the program and found my real calling.

“I was more engaged, energetic and confident.”

Phuc transformed throughout the degree, shifting from a being follower to a leader.

“State of the art facilities, good supporting services, and the up-to-date curricula delivered by knowledgeable educators collectively boosted my engagement significantly both in class and extracurricular activities,” she said. 

Phuc joined the University’s English club as a regular member, and, through hard work and dedication, eventually became its president. In this role, she engaged several events, including the Vietnam’s Amazing Students contest, held in 2019 by the Vietnam Social Health Revolution.

“The contest aimed at making Vietnamese students more employable by providing training to improve their project management, problem solving, and presentation skills,” Phuc said.

“Taking part in organising an event equipped me with many essential skills and taught me how to delegate tasks effectively instead of doing it all by myself.”

Phuc believes the key to her transformation was her determination to keep learning and to always be proactive in both her study and extra-curricular activities. She hopes such an attitude will be useful for others who are as timid as she once was but still want to make the most of university life.

Story: Ha Hoang

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