RMIT-Deloitte HR Forum 2022: Building the Future of Work

Event overview

The aim of the RMIT - Deloitte HR Forum 2022 is to predict and foresee the future of our working environment after the pandemic. We are inviting the industry experts from RMIT University and Deloitte – two leading institutions in the higher education and consulting sector to predict what the future workplace looks like in the future after the pandemic.

The forum would be interesting not only for students and practitioners in the field, but also to understand the changes and evolution of our society in the post-pandemic era.  


Featured speakers

Professor Andrew R. Timming

Deputy Dean Research and Innovation, School of Management, RMIT University

Professor Claire Macken

Interim Executive Dean (Academic and Students), RMIT University Vietnam

Mr. Mark Teoh

Expert in Organisation Transformation, Executive Director, Deloitte Consulting SEA

Mr. Lee Yun Han

Expert in Talent Management, Director, Deloitte Consulting SEA

Mr. Pankaj Rathi

Expert in Digital Transformation, Vietnam Consulting Leader, Partner, Deloitte Consulting SEA

Ms. Thoa Vo

Human Capital Lead, Deloitte Consulting SEA

Associate Professor Seng Kiat Kok

Deputy Dean (Learning and Teaching), School of Business and Management, RMIT University Vietnam

Dr. Jung Woo Han

Interim Senior Program Manager, HR Management, School of Business and Management, RMIT University Vietnam

Why attend?

C-level executives and HR executives (CHRO and HR managers)

As Covid-19 has been reforming and redefining why normality is in our job, workplaces and lives, this disruption creates a massive challenge for HR executives and practitioners. This forum will help HR leaders:

  • To forecast and foresee the future of our workforce, jobs, and workplaces
  • To design the most suitable high-performance HR system during this fragile time
  • To create insights from multidisciplinary perspectives (academic, consultants, and clients) to turn the challenges into opportunities to sharpen talents
  • To expand the HR network and engage with the industry leaders through discussion and post-event activities

People in HR career perspectives

  • To catch up with the most recent/hot issues in the HR field
  • To get a sense of how to think critically from HR perspectives

Students in the HR major

  • To update class-based knowledge by the industry and academic experts in the HR field
  • To have a chance to engage with HR practitioners and peers

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