Webinar: RMIT Master’s Workshop

Led by academic expert Dr. Abel D. Alonso, Senior Program Manager for the Master of International Business, the workshop will illustrate real life examples of how global businesses apply strategic business practices in the face of unprecedented changes to succeed during a crisis. Even more, it will outline underlying knowledge, skills and practices necessary to thrive in today’s increasingly connected, volatile and globalized business world. As today’s business evolves - so should you.

Our speakers:

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Dr. Trung Nguyen

Head of Department, Management

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Dr. Abel D. Alonso

Senior Program Manager for the Master of International Business


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Scholarship opportunities

Scholarships valued up to 2.8 billion VND are available to 10 new students in our October 2021 intake.

  • 4 scholarships: Master of Business Administration and Master of International Business programs
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