RMIT and Deloitte Roundtable: Developing Human Capital for a Post-Covid Future - Strategic Insights and Organisational Opportunities

Given the uncertainties and global challenges taking place as a product of COVID-19, many organisations have looked to become more adaptable and resilient, identifying opportunities to remedy the negative effects of the pandemic. As a route towards achieving this, many organisations have sought to enhance, upskill and strategise their workforce, developing a growth and resilient mindset for the future – essentially investing in Human Capital for a Post-Covid future. 

 This RMIT and Deloitte collaborative event will cover topics such as Workforce Digitalisation and Analytics, Workforce Strategy Development, Business Adaptability and Agility as well as Societal Returns on Human Capital. 

 Joining this event are experts from Deloitte, RMIT, VNG Corporation, EnablecodeVN, etc. who will share their insights, knowledge and experiences along with their vision of what the future holds, not only in Vietnam but in Asia and globally.

 These conversations by our expert panel will provide strategic insights into the value of Human Capital and is targeted at CEOs, organisational leaders, and key decision makers in a range of industries. You will also have the opportunity to unpick their thoughts and approaches for the future during our Q&A panel.

We look forward to you joining us at this event.

Topics to be discussed include:  

  • Landscape of HR
  • Human Capital Trends Overview
  • Technology and Workforce Analytics
  • Human Capital – Adaptability and Resilience
  • Harnessing Human Capital through inclusivity
  • Strategic development and pivoting – how to create a resilience workforce 

Featured speakers

Panelist (ENG)


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