Careers and employability

Career development and opportunities

There are a range of activities and services available to assist you with your career planning, career decision making, and getting an appropriate job at the end of your degree.

Work-ready preparation

Skills, techniques and advice to help you prepare for work.

Assistance and guidance

Expert counsellors to help guide you in making the right decisions.

Helpful resources

Quality information on careers, industries and recent graduate outcomes.

Employment Preparation

Careers, Alumni and Industry Relations offers support in resume writing and job interview skills for students who are about to graduate or do an internship. Our Employment Consultant can also help you with job application preparation by providing feedback and advice.

Career Plans and Decisions     

We all need to plan and make decisions to help us progress in our careers. The Career Consultants are highly trained experts who can sit down with you and help you work through any of the issues associated with careers. We will help you understand yourself, understand opportunities open to you, and understand influences around you so that you can make decisions from choosing appropriate programs to choosing suitable careers. We also guide you on how to go about setting career goals and achieving them.   

Career Resources

Careers, Alumni and Industry Relations provides a wide array of career information in a variety of formats for you. They include a wide range of leaflets from the Job Shop or provided by industry, online channels (the Job Shop FacebookCareers Online Portal and Virtual Job Shop).

In addition, we present you with a general picture of where our recent graduates go after they finished their study at RMIT University Vietnam through the outcomes of the Vietnam Graduate Outcomes Survey to give you better understanding of your careers options.

Career Programs and Events

You are encouraged to participate in a number of career programs and events which assist you with career exploration. Many opportunities are provided to enable you to experience industry work, connect with industry professionals as well as get ready for the transition to suitable employment.

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Personal Edge

Co-curricular program that provides learning opportunities to prepare students the work-ready skills