Get real experience in your field

Many large companies offer formal Internships or Vacation work to students during the summer break, usually just before starting the final year of their program. These placements are valuable experiences where you can develop your professional knowledge and skills in industry.


Where to find an internship

Internships are advertised in numerous locations, including directly from employers.

Try the following resources to find an internship that's right for you:

  • CareerHub to search for internships and work experience opportunities.
  • Graduate Opportunities list graduate employers with holiday programs, cadetships, cooperative schemes, scholarships and work experience programs, all year round.

Flagship Internship Program

RMIT Vietnam's Flagship Internship program responds to the need for a unified approach in providing work experience to students.

The program uses principles and frameworks to guide high-impact pedagogy around internship experiences for domestic students, and in preparing to accommodate international students wishing to uptake a placement in Asia.

Internships involve the completion of targeted interdisciplinary workshops which include personalised learning outcomes, guidance, and negotiated assessment structures. 

For more information regarding Flagship Internship program, please contact us at:

When do our students do internships?

Most students take part in internships at the end of a program, allowing students to easily transition into full-time employment. However, there are a few exceptions. 

Internship duration

Students of each program have a different requirement of minimum internship period. Typical duration is between 12-15 weeks.

How to apply for an Internship

Plan ahead. Applications for formal holiday work programs take time to complete, and some summer programs close from about mid-year. Other opportunities can be advertised at any time, so keep an eye out on CareerHub and other resources.