Our strategy

Our strategy

Ready for Life and Work is our Strategic Plan to 2020 – it sets out our purpose and identity as an institution, and the goals and values we are working to realise.

At its heart is our drive to create life-changing experiences for students, and to support transformational social and economic change in the wider community.

RMIT’s plan has three basic directions:

1. Life Changing Expriences

RMIT is dedicated to creating life-changing educational experiences through the changes in perspective and ambition sparked in our students by studying, working and belonging, and through the pathways and connections opened up by these experiences. This transformation in perspective and opportunity is at the heart of being ready for life and work.


2. Passion with Purpose

RMIT’s staff and partners are fundamental to achieving our mission. They are highly talented and committed: engaging them effectively in renewing RMIT through building smarter and simpler systems is critical to our success as an institution.


3. Shaping the World

We shape the world by developing knowledge and people, and by applying what we know to shared problems through collaborative innovation. RMIT pursues these goals through a global group of students, staff, digital networks, facilities and partnerships spread across key urban centres around the world.

We developed our strategy through open, wide-ranging engagement with thousands of people across the RMIT community. It guides our decisions, relationships and investments as we work together from month to month and year to year.

Read Ready for Life and Work: RMIT’s Strategic Plan to 2020 here.

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